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Commercial Dumbbell – Definitive FAQ Guide

Dumbbells are an essential gym accessory for any commercial gym, fitness, or sports training center. For a complete weight training routine, commercial dumbbells are a necessity.

There is a wide variety of dumbbells available in the wholesale market. Choosing one’s best suited to your gym & its customers is not easy, though. 

Our FAQ guide has all the information, facts & figures about commercial dumbbells. It will help you with your research & make an informed choice.

You will pick the perfect commercial dumbbells for your gym or business in no time.

Let’s start,

Table of Contents

1. What is the nature of commercial dumbbells?

Commercial dumbbells come under the category of free weights. They are solid, single-piece fixed weights.

The weight heads are welding or threaded into the handles & fixed through machine pressing.

Due to their heavy-duty construction, commercial dumbbells are very durable. The hardwearing nature means that these are a one-time investment on your part & will last a long time. 

Commercial dumbbells are compact, stable, easy to use gym accessories.

Figure 1 Fixed Weight Commercial Dumbbell by Yanre Fitness

Figure 1 – Pair of Yanre Fitness commercial dumbbells

2. What are various types of commercial dumbbells?

There are three types of commercial dumbbells:

  • Round Dumbbells
  • Hex Dumbbells
  • Tribell Dumbbells

2.1 Round Commercial Dumbbells

These dumbbells have a round-weight head. They are the standard dumbbells available in most commercial gyms or fitness centers.

Most round commercial dumbbells have a rubber topcoat. Though, some types may have a different coating on top


  • Various handle options
  • High-gauge construction
  • Rubber topcoat 
  • Scratch-resistant & safe for gym flooring


  • Prone to rolling
  • Injury risk
  • Expensive
  • Not space-saving 
Figure 2 Round Commercial Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

Figure 2 – Yanre Fitness round commercial dumbbells

2.2 Hex Commercial Dumbbells

These dumbbells are usually hexagonal with straight edges. Though, some hex dumbbells in the market may not be limited to six sides.

These commercial dumbbells are available with various kinds of topcoats or finishes.


  • Cost-effective
  • Resistant to rolling due to its shape
  • Safer than round commercial dumbbells
  • Limited choice of exercises 


  • Less common than round dumbbells
  • The handles are usually curved & not straight
  • In the absence of a rubber topcoat, paint is easy to chip
Figure 3 Hex Commercial Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

Figure 3 – Yanre Fitness hex dumbbells

2.3 Tribell Commercial Dumbbells

These dumbbells are a mix between round dumbbells & hex commercial dumbbells. Tribell dumbbells are the newest dumbbell design available for sale.

They are arc-shaped with three sides.


  • Not prone to rolling
  • Suitable for strength-training & warm-up routines
  • Suitable for stability-training, as well
  • Easy to use handle design


  • Rarer than hex dumbbells
  • Not as cost-effective as round dumbbells

Figure 4 – A tribell dumbbell

3. What is a studio commercial dumbbell?

Commercial studio dumbbells are specific to aerobics classes. Their purpose is to add some resistance to the routine.

They have a fixed weight. The coating on top extends to both the weight heads & the handle.

Figure 5 Studio commercial dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

Figure 5 – Fixed weight & coated studio dumbbells

4. Why are hex fixed dumbbells preferable for fitness studios?

The use of these dumbbells is preferable for fitness studios is because:

They are not prone to rolling on the floor due to their hexagonal shape. It prevents any cluttering on the gym floor & decreases the risk of tripping & injury, as well.

Hex dumbbells provide more stability during certain exercises compared to round commercial dumbbells.

Figure 6 Hex commercial dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

Figure 6 – Yanre Fitness 8 Kg hex dumbbells

5. What is the construction of the weight heads of commercial dumbbells?

Most commercial dumbbell weight heads have cast-iron construction. The choice of a topcoat may differ depending on the type, brand, etc.

There are commercial dumbbells with concrete weight heads, as well. Concrete dumbbells are not compatible with regular high-intensity workouts, though.

6. What are the various types of topcoats for the weight heads of commercial dumbbells?

The various types of protective topcoats for the weight heads of commercial dumbbells are as follows:

  • Paint
  • Chrome
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Urethane
  • Neoprene

6.1 Paint Coat

The oil paints that form the topcoat for dumbbell weight heads are resistant to corrosion, wear & tear.

The paint coat on the weight heads is durable & lasts a long time. You can always repaint it in case of scuff marks or scratches.

Figure 7 Paint Coated Dumbbells

Figure 7 – Commercial dumbbells with a paint topcoat

6.2 Chrome Coat

A chrome top coat is like a paint coat but with a glossy finish. This type of coating or plating makes the dumbbell weight heads resistant to rust & corrosion.

The downside is that a chrome coat may fade away with time. It is not as cost-effective as a paint coat, as well.

Figure 8 Chrome Plated Commercial Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

Figure 8 – Commercial dumbbells with a chrome coat

6.3 Vinyl Coat

Concrete dumbbells have a vinyl coating on top of their weight heads. They are prone to easy wear & tear. The weight tolerance for these dumbbells is not precise either.

It is why dumbbells with a vinyl coat on top are not a good choice for commercial gyms.

Studio dumbbells also use vinyl coating all over for aesthetic purposes due to the vibrant color options.

Figure 9 Vinyl Coated Studio Commercial Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

Figure 9 – Commercial dumbbells with a vinyl topcoat

6.4 Rubber Coat

Dumbbell weight heads with a rubber coat are resistant to rust & corrosion. The extra padding makes it safer for the flooring in case of an accidental drop.

Commercial dumbbells weight heads with a rubber coat cost more than the ones with a paint or chrome coating.  

The cons of a rubber topcoat include the pungent rubber smell in the beginning. There is a tendency to stain clothes & gym flooring with scuff marks too.

The pros of a rubber coat outweigh its cons, though. It is a suitable choice for commercial gyms, fitness studios, sports centers, etc.

Figure 10 Rubber Coated Commercial Dumbbells

Figure 10 – Commercial dumbbells with a rubber coat

6.5 Urethane Coat

If you are looking for durability, then there is no better option than a urethane coating. Commercial dumbbells with a urethane coat are expensive & long-lasting.

A urethane coat is usually reserved for selectorized dumbbells. Though, you may find fixed weight dumbbells with this topcoat, as well.

At Yanre Fitness, we use a urethane coat for our commercial dumbbells too.

The CPU urethane coating for Yanre Fitness commercial dumbbells guarantees durability & sturdiness. 

Figure 11 Urethane Coated Dumbbell by Yanre Fitness

Figure 11 – Commercial dumbbell with a urethane coat

6.6 Neoprene Coat

Neoprene is a type of rubber that is available in a variety of vibrant colors. It adds to the texture of the dumbbell weight heads.

This coating is specific to commercial studio dumbbells. It gives them a pleasing appearance that participants of studio classes find attractive.

Figure 12 Neoprene Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

Figure 12 – Commercial studio dumbbells with a neoprene coat

7. What is the approximate weight range for commercial dumbbells?

The weight of a commercial dumbbell varies based on its type & function. The approximate weight range is between 0.5 Kg to 100 Kgs.

For fixed weight commercial dumbbells, it is between 1 to 100 Kgs.

For Studio dumbbells, it is between 0.5 to 10 Kgs.

8. What is the construction of the handles of commercial dumbbells?

The handles of commercial dumbbells have a stainless-steel construction. The finish is either a paint or a chrome coat.

It protects the dumbbells from moisture, rust, & other such factors.

9. How do dumbbell handles ensure a firm grip?

The design elements of a dumbbell handle that ensure a firm grip by the user include:

  • Knurling or grooves to produce more friction
  • An arch shape along with knurling or grooves to prevent the hand from slipping
  • Neoprene, rubber foam, or urethane coating on top to provide texture & grip
Figure 13 Knurled Bar Handle

Figure 13 – Knurling on a dumbbell handle


Figure 14 – Arch-like shape of a dumbbell handle


Figure 15 – Dumbbell handles with a rubber foam coat

10. What are various kinds of knurling for commercial dumbbell handles?

A commercial dumbbell either has full knurling or partial knurling in the form of stripes.

Full knurling covers the entire length of the handle & provides a more secure hold. New users may not be comfortable with it, though.

Partial knurling is more suitable for beginners, but the dumbbells can slip due to careless handling. 

11. Are there any accessories for commercial dumbbells?

Commercial dumbbells are a complete package. They only require add-ons that will make them slip-resistant & less likely to drop by accident.

Two types of accessories serve this purpose:

  • Slip-resistant Grips
  • Slip-resistant Protection Tape

11.1 Slip-resistant Grips

These are rubber, plastic, or foam sleeves that go on the handles of commercial dumbbells. Their function is to provide a firm & comfortable grip during use.

There are several types available wholesale & each has its pros & cons. Buy the ones preferable to your clients.


Figure 16 – Slip-resistant grips

11.2 Slip-resistant Protection Tape

The tapes go around the handle of the dumbbells to ensure higher grip capacity. The downside of slip-resistant protection tapes is that they are prone to easy wear & tear. 

They leave behind marks on the handles, as well.

Figure 17 Anti Slip Protection Tape for Commercial Dumbbells

Figure 17 – Slip-resistant protection tape

12. Are commercial dumbbells available in sets?

Yes, they do.

Buying a set of commercial dumbbells is cost-effective. It is better for your overall budget in the long run.

A set of commercial dumbbells will give you two dumbbells with the same number & weight load.

13. What is the average price range for commercial dumbbells?

The average price range for commercial dumbbells is between $1.50 to $2.00 per pound.

You can buy dumbbells in pairs & the price depends on the overall weight load. Dumbbell bars are available for sale separately.

Some of the things to keep in mind about the pricing of commercial dumbbells are:

  • Standard dumbbells with no special features won’t cost over $2.00 per pound
  • Dumbbells with a rubber coat will be more expensive comparatively
  • Round commercial dumbbells cost more than the hex dumbbells

14. What are the storage options for commercial dumbbells?

The storage options for commercial dumbbells include:

  • Horizontal dumbbell racks 
  • Vertical dumbbell racks

The storage racks for fixed weight dumbbells can store up to 10 – 12 pairs at a time. The racks may have two or three levels or shelves.

Figure 18 Horizontal Dumbbell Racks by Yanre Fitness

Figure 18 – A horizontal dumbbell storage rack   

Figure 19 Vertical Dumbbell Rack

  Figure 19 – A vertical dumbbell storage rack

Studio dumbbells have specialized horizontal & vertical storage racks. The cells are narrow to accommodate for the smaller size of the dumbbells.

Figure 20 Studio Dumbbell Rack

Figure 20 – A storage rack for studio dumbbells

15. Are commercial dumbbells and their storage racks sold together?

No, both these products are available for sale separately. 

You have the option to ask your wholesale manufacturer to include a storage rack with your order. It may even get you a discount.

By ordering storage racks along with your wholesale dumbbells, you can ensure that all of them fit on the rack, as well.

16. What are the considerations for the storage of commercial dumbbells?

The considerations for the storage of commercial dumbbells are:

  • Total number of dumbbells
  • Available space
  • Weight capacity of the storage rack

17. What are the space requirements for the storage of commercial dumbbells?

When stored in horizontal storage racks, commercial dumbbells require an 8 ft x 4 ft area of gym space approximately.

Figure 21 Commercial dumbbells stored in horizontal racks

Figure 21 – Dumbbells in a horizontal storage rack

Vertical or A-frame storage racks are suitable for gyms short on floor space. 2 ft x 2 ft storage racks are able to store up to six pairs of commercial dumbbells.

Figure 22 Commercial Dumbbells stored in a Vertical Rack

Figure 22 – A vertical storage rack

Figure 23 Commercial Dumbbells stored in an A Frame Rack

Figure 23 – An A-frame storage rack

18. What is the storage capacity of a commercial dumbbell storage rack?

On average, you can store between 6 to 42 pairs of dumbbells depending on the size of the storage rack.

Horizontal storage racks have more storage capacity than vertical racks & A-frame storage racks.

19. Is it possible to store all your commercial dumbbells in a single storage rack?

It is possible to do so, depending on the weight capacity of the dumbbell storage rack. Most racks have a weight capacity of 200 lbs. to 1000 lbs. 

The weight capacity depends on the construction of the dumbbell storage rack.

20. Where should I buy quality wholesale commercial dumbbells?

Wholesale manufacturers in China are the best choice for buying quality equipment on a budget.

They will ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Yanre Fitness is one such manufacturer. With over a decade of experience, we are in a unique position to fulfill both the quantity & quality of your wholesale order.

Our computerized production line ensures the accuracy of the weight load & durability of your dumbbells.

Figure 24 Yanre Fitness Premium Quality Dumbbells

Figure 24 – Commercial dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

21. Can I customize my wholesale commercial dumbbells?

Yes, you can.

Yanre Fitness provides many options for the customization of wholesale products to its customers. You can have your logo printed on the dumbbells to support your company or brand.

You will have to confirm all the custom changes you need with the sales team before going ahead with placing the order.

22. Conclusion

Commercial dumbbells are a long-term investment for gym owners. Now that we are at the end of this FAQ guide, hopefully, you have all the facts you need to make the right choice.

Visit Yanre Strength‘s official website to check out our commercial dumbbell range.

You will not regret it. 

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