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Battle Rope Manufacturer – Definitive FAQ Guide

Looking for a high-quality battle rope?

Good news! We’re here to help you . We provide all the facts and details about commercial battle ropes you’d need for your studio.

Our FAQ guide will help you know more about the best battle rope and answer your questions.

Table of Contents

What’s a battle rope?

A battle rope is a large-sized rope commonly used by Functional Training, HIIT, and other high intensity training. They are employed for body building exercises as well as training for strength, endurance and for losing weight.

What are the dimensions of battle ropes?

Battle ropes range from 20ft to 100ft. You can commonly see battle ropes of 30ft, 40ft, and 50ft in gyms and other recreational areas.

image6 8

Figure 1: 20ft battle rope (image src: Walmart)

image2 7

Figure 2: 40ft battle rope (Image src:therosscook)

image7 6

Figure 3: 100ft battle rope (image src:ebay)

When you purchase battle ropes, make sure to add its anchoring length. Anchoring length is usually half the length of the battle rope. For instance, 30ft of battle rope will only be 15ft after it is anchored.

What is the commonly used length of rope in gyms?

Gyms and recreational areas usually use 50ft long battle ropes.

image4 7

Figure 4: showing 30ft & 50ft battle ropes (image src:elitesrs)

What are battle ropes made of?

Commonly used material for battle ropes.

Manila Battle Ropes: They are made of natural fiber so they will shed over time.It’s recommended for outdoor use only. 

image5 10

Figure 5: closeup of manila battle rope (img src: fringesport)

Poly Dacron Battle Ropes: Poly Dacron is made of various synthetic materials. The most popular of which is polyester and polypropylene mixed together. 

Poly Dacron is stronger and more durable than manila battle ropes. So, they are recommended for indoor areas such as gyms. 

image1 8

Figure 6: poly dacron battle rope (image src:globalbodyweighttraining)

You can also use Ply Dacron ropes for outside training but with proper safety standards. 

Nylon Battle Ropes: This the strongest battle rope because it is double braided. They are versatile and aesthetically appealing.

image3 8

Figure 7: high quality double braided nylon battle rope (image src:globalbodyweighttraining)

Nylon battle ropes are also water-resistant. So, they can be used in either an indoor or outdoor setting.  However, because of its undeniably great properties, nylon battle ropes are quite pricey.

Are natural and synthetic battle ropes different?

Yes, the two are made out of different kinds of materials. Synthetic battle ropes are manufactured from polyester, polypropylene, and nylon. While natural battle ropes are made out of natural fibers like cotton, manila hemp or sisal.

What material is used for durable battle rope?

The best and  most durable battle ropes are synthetic ones. They have better lifting capacity, elasticity rating, shock absorption, and 20% stronger than natural battle ropes.

image9 7

Figure 8: An example of synthetic battle rope (image src:tworepcave)

In addition to that, synthetic battle ropes have UV, water, and mildew resistance properties. Their shelf life is also 30% longer than natural battle ropes. So, they are very ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

How much does a battle rope weigh?

A commercial battle rope’s weight depends on its length and material. For example, a 50ft battle rope can weigh from 25 lbs to 50 lbs depending  on the material used.

How thick is a commercial battle rope?

Commercial battle ropes usually come in two sizes.

  1. 1.5in
  2. 2in
image8 7

Figure 9:  showing 1.5” and 2” diameter size (image src: elitesrs)

1.5” battle rope is the most common size you would find in gyms. The size gives a better grip and is beginner-friendly.

2”-thick battle ropes are mostly used for high intensity training and are used by advanced and pro athletes.

What should I consider when purchasing a battle rope?

The most important features of durable battle ropes are:

  • Portability
  • Longer lifespan
  • Able to resist wear and tear
  • Versatility

Do I have to buy an anchor to use the battle rope?

No. Battle ropes can be used without an anchor. You can attach it with a heavy kettlebell handle or tie it to a power cage, plate rack or anything that can hold it in place.

When using a battle rope, make sure that it is firmly tied to a stable fixture.

image10 5

Figure 10: anchoring battle rope with kettlebell (image src:fitsport)

image12 6

Figure 11: anchoring battle rope with power rack (image src:roguefitness)

What are the space requirements of a battle rope?

Battle rope station space requirements will depend on its length. For a 50ft battle rope, you’ll need at least 25’ x 5’ of space. Just use this example to estimate the space required for your purchased battle rope.

How to maintain a battle rope?

To maintain a battle rope, find these types of battle ropes.

1. High-quality Poly Dacron battle ropes

2. Nylon Covered battle ropes

image11 7

Figure 12: nylon covered battle rope (image src:originfitness)

Can I customize the battle ropes?

Yes. Yanre Strength can add your logo to your purchased battle ropes. Just contact us for further details of your request.


We hope that this FAQ guide has shone the light on all your queries regarding the search and purchase of battle ropes.

For battle ropes you can trust, contact Yanre Strength. Not only do we offer premium quality battle ropes, we have experts that can advise you on the most suitable battle ropes for your specific gym needs. Call us up and we’ll be right there to serve you.

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