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Figure 2. Olympic Barbell

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Olympic Barbell China – Definitive FAQ Guide

Do you want to import Olympic barbells in bulk from China? Were you looking at purchasing Olympic barbells at wholesale prices?

Would you like more information about Olympic barbells or would you like to introduce Olympic barbells to your fitness center?

You need to read this FAQ guide if you have answered yes to any of the questions.

This FAQ Guide has been put together to give you a better understanding of Olympic barbells. Importing Olympic barbells from China is made easier with this FAQ Guide.

Table of Contents

What is the definition of an Olympic barbell?

Olympic bars are used for different types of exercises. They are used for deadlifts, power lifts, overhead press, squats, and hang clean. Different areas of the body are targeted depending on the type of exercise.

 The Olympic barbells are bars that are approximately 5-7 feet long, on both sides there are weights. 

image1 5

Figure 1. Olympic bar 

What is the difference between a standard bar and an Olympic bar?

Standard BarOlympic Bar
Standard plates are generally usedOnly Olympic plates can be used
The bar weight is 15-25 lbsThe bar weight is 45 lbs
Weight capacity is 200 lbsWeight capacity is 1500 lbs
5-6 ft in length7 ft longer than the standard bar
The diameter is 50mmThe diameter is 25mm
The average price is $150The average price is $350
image3 2 2

Figure 2. Standard Olympic Bar

image2 3 2

Figure 3. Olympic bar

Do Olympic bars have different varieties? 

Olympic Youth barOlympic Men’s barOlympic Women’s bar
Length is 1.52mLength is 2.2mLength is 2.01m 
The diameter is 25mmThe diameter is 28mmThe diameter is 25mm
Weight is 22 lbsWeight is 45 lbsThe weight is 33 lbs
image5 1 2

Figure 5. Olympic Bar for men

image6 5

Figure 6. Olympic bar for women

What is the difference between fixed-weight or free-weight bars?

Fixed weight bars are used by a specific group of people. Free-weight bars can be used by a diverse group. Therefore, it would be best to use the free-weight bars in a commercial setting as it is best for different trainers. 

Free-weight allows the users to adjust the weights according to their needs. Fixed weight cannot be adjusted and can only be used with the available weights. It is recommended to buy free-weight Olympic bars for a commercial gym or distribution center.

image8 5

Figure 7. Fixed-Weight Olympic bar

image7 1 2

Figure 8. Free-Weight Olympic Bar

How does a barbell rotate?

The rotation in a barbell is made possible by the bushings and bearings found inside. The bushings and bearings assist in reducing friction. They are found between the inner and outer sleeves of the barbell.

The bearings consist of three types: thrust, needle, and ball. The needle bearings are the best. The bushings are brass or bronze rings. The bushings and bearings allow a smoother motion.

image9 5

Figure 9 and 10. Bushing inside Olympic barbell

What is the difference between bushings and bearings on an Olympic barbell?

Bushing barbells are used for a variety of purposes like, bodybuilding and powerlifting, unlike the bearing barbells that are used for snatches and cleans.

In a commercial gym or distribution center, there are different types of clients. Therefore, it is recommended that both the bushings and bearings of Olympic barbells should be bought.

Some manufacturers use both needle bearings and bushings in one barbell. This will improve the user’s experience.

How much bearing does an Olympic barbell consist of?

Most Olympic barbells should have 10 sets of bearings. This will ensure a smooth spin on the barbells. Yanre Strength has Olympic barbells that have 8-10 sets of bearings, 4-5 sets per sleeve.

Always make sure that the Olympic barbell’s design meets the IMF requirements before you buy.

What is the best sleeve design for an Olympic barbell?

There are three sleeve designs for the Olympic barbell. They are a snap ring, end cap, and hex bolt. 

 The snap ring and end cap are both good options when it comes to the sleeve design as they are of good quality. The hex bolt is of low quality, so it is not recommended.

Are Olympic barbells knurled?

Yes, Olympic bars are knurled. Having the barbells knurled makes it easier for the user to hold the barbell because of the increase in friction.

The barbells with the knurling all over them are used for powerlifting compared to the Functional Training and Olympic lifts, they have no knurling in the middle. 

The deadlifting Olympic barbells have deep knurling so that the grip is improved.

image10 1 2

Figure 11. Olympic Barbell with knurlings

What are the kinds of Olympic bar knurling?

There are three types of knurling found on Olympic barbells. They are Hill knurling, Volcano knurling, and Mountain knurling.

Hill Knurling

  1. Diamond-shaped knurls with rounded tops.
  2. Less Aggressive
  3. Difficult to hold.
  4. Least popular
image12 1 2

Figure 12. Hill Knurling

Volcano Knurling

  1. Sharp circle-shaped knurls.
  2. Optimal grip. 
  3. Best of all knurl types.

Mountain Knurling

  1. Diamond-shaped knurls with pointed tops.
  2. Aggressive Pattern
  3. Commonly present on bars used for deadlifting.
  4. Excellent grip.
image11 5

Figure 14: Mountain knurling

Is there a specific part on the Olympic barbell that should have knurling?

Most Olympic barbells have knurling except for 15 cm spacing at the ends and two 5 mm wide rings. They have an average length of 131 cm. 

What is the importance of the Olympic bars’ tensile and yield strength?

Firstly, we need the user to understand the difference between tensile strength and yield strength of an Olympic barbell. 

The tensile strength is all about the estimation of how much weight the barbell can manage. The weight is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). This ensures the quality of the barbell.

The yield strength will inform the user how much weight will cause the barbell to be permanently bent, it will not hold its shape. Yield strength is measured in pounds.

What is the Olympic barbell’s approximate tensile strength?

Tensile strengths differ between barbells. They are measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Tensile strength is the maximum weight held by a barbell. It is considered that the average tensile strength of an Olympic barbell is approximately 190,000 PSI.

The best tensile strength measures greater than 200,000 PSI. Although a barbell with a tensile strength between 150,000-175,000 PSI is also considered to be good. The higher the tensile strength the better. This is one of the primary qualities of the barbell. 

Does whip contribute to the quality of the Olympic bar? 

The whip is an important factor when it comes to determining the quality of an Olympic barbell. It allows flexibility of the barbell, and the barbell can still perform under tension.

The whip of the barbell can be influenced by the type of weight plate that is used. It depends on the thickness; the thicker barbells have less whip than the thinner barbells. You will be able to determine the whip by the diameter and the material of the barbell.

What is the importance of the Olympic bars’ oxidation rate?

One of the important roles in determining the quality of Olympic barbells is the oxidation rate.  This will depend on the type of steel and its coating.

If the oxidation rate is low, then the quality of the barbell is better which will prevent it from corroding faster. Stainless steel and zinc are more resistant to corrosion whereas bare steel and black oxide will corrode more quickly.

What is the Olympic barbell finish?

Having a better finish will allow an Olympic barbell to last longer. It all depends on the price, manufacturer, and quality of the barbell. It is advised that your first choice should always be a barbell that is rust-resistant.

There are different types of finishes that Olympic barbell may consist of and they are:

Hard chrome: 

  • Expensive
  • Corrosion proof
  • Knurling must be deep otherwise it is slippery.

E-coating finish:

  • Durable
  • Electronic coating 
  • Corrosion proof 

Black manganese phosphating finish:

  • Matte finish
  • Corrosion proof is better than the black oxide finish

Black oxide finish:

  • Proper maintenance is required to uphold the quality
  • Corrosion proof

Decorative chrome finish:

  • The whip is very low
  • The quality of the finish is low
  • Get corroded quickly

Bare steel finish:

  • Affordable price 
  • Not corrosion-proof.
  • Deadlifts are best 

Stainless steel finish:

  • The best type of finish
  • Expensive
  • Strong grip and corrosion-proof
  • Best for powerlifting

Cerakote finish:

  • Durable and of great quality. 
  • Rust is less.
  • More expensive.
  •  A colored ceramic finish.


  • Low quality
  • Poor quality so it peels
  • Nickel plating
  • Corrosion proof but still needs maintenance

What is the approximate length of an Olympic barbell?

The average loadable sleeve length of an Olympic barbell depends on the weight plates that are being used. The weight on the bar is determined by the length of the barbell. The average loadable sleeve length is 16.3 inches. 

The diameter of steel weight plates is less compared to bumper plates and therefore more can be loaded on the barbell.

image13 2 1

Figure 15.Olympic barbell Sleeve length 

What is the Olympic bars’ loading capacity? 

It is advised to find out the average load-bearing capacity before importing the bars from China. The capacity of the barbell is determined by the length, diameter, and material. The total load-bearing weight that can be loaded on the barbell sleeves is 500lbs.

Do Olympic barbells come with a rack when imported from China? 

Olympic bars are sold separately from the racks. It is advised to have a look at different company promotions as bundle deals can often be purchased at great prices. This will sometimes include an Olympic barbell with a rack. 

One of the manufacturers, Yanre Strength, offers an affordable and quality Olympic barbell rack. 

image14 1 2

Figure 16. Rack for Olympic Barbells

Do Olympic barbells come with collars when importing from China?

Clients buy the Collars separately according to their needs. They are separate from the Olympic bars. A variety of affordable collars can be purchased from Yanre Strength.

image15 1 2

Figure 17. Collars that are used with Olympic barbells

Do Olympic barbells come with weight plates when imported from China?

The weight plates used on the Olympic bars are bought separately. Clients’ needs differ accordingly and therefore different weight plates are needed. It is best to order the weight plates as they are needed, this will prevent overbuying of the same weight.

At Yanre Strength there are a variety of weight plates available.

Do Olympic barbells from China have specific weight plates?

It is best to buy weight plates that are compatible with your barbell. If you have an Olympic barbell then it is best to buy the Olympic weight plates. With the standard barbell, you would need to buy the standard weight plates. 

Below are the different types of weight plates that can be used with Olympic barbell:

  1. Steel/iron weight plates
  2. Tri-grip weight plates
  3. Bumper weight plates
  4. Competitive weight plates
  5. Technique weight plates
  6. Training weight plates

You will most likely find a product that suits your needs at Yanre Strength. They offer a wide variety of weight plates

Can the Olympic barbells be customized with a logo?

Having a logo printed on the Olympic barbell is one of the services offered by Yanre Strength. You are more than welcome to contact the sales department where you will be given more information.

What materials are used to make Olympic barbells in China?

These are the following materials used to manufacture Olympic barbells wholesale in China:

  • Alloy steel
  • Low-end spring steel
  • High-end spring steel
  • 45 Steel
  • A3 Steel

Which manufacturers in China supply Olympic barbells? 

Yanre Strength is one of the trusted manufacturers of wholesale Olympic barbells in  China. We manufacture gym equipment and accessories with affordable and premium quality. 


Now that you have read this FAQ guide regarding Olympic bars, we believe that you have all the important questions answered. We hope that you have all the necessary information you were looking for and will now be ready to decide on which products you would like to import from China.

At Yanre Strength you will find affordable Olympic barbells at wholesale rates. By contacting our sales team, you can place your order for Olympic barbells.

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