Squat Bar


Squat Bar


Squat Bar


The squat bar designed by Yanre Fitness reduces imbalance. It also reduces discomfort when doing barbell front squats, back squats, and lunges. This is perfect for serious weightlifters. 

This Olympic bar offers durability and long-lasting performances. This makes it perfect for bench presses, squats, and deadlifts. 

When heavy loads are lifted, an anti-slip, tight, secure grip is offered by the knurling. Revolving sleeves that have bushings allow a smoother turn when lifting. It helps for pressure to be reduced on the forearms and wrists. 

This squat bar will target muscle groups that will provide full-body workouts. Having a built-in harness that is padded, this bar divides the load through a large part of the upper body. It eliminates discomfort and pinches points in the shoulders and neck. These are commonly found with the traditional power and squat bars. 

With this extra stability, it is possible for hands-free squats. It removes the discomfort and imbalance when doing the most comfortable front squats. Because the load is close to the hip hinges the user will notice that more weight can be moved.

Yanre Fitness squat bar can help with the balancing while the weights get loaded on and off. The lifted sleeves make it easy to switch weights. Our bars are made to be durable, safe, and dependable. 

This bar is used by adults and those who would like to have their bodies shaped and developed. It helps to maintain correct posture and challenges endurance.  

Key Features:

  • Eminently reduce neck, back pain, as well as shoulder, associated with bar squats. 
  • The bar stabilizes the front handles and eliminates shoulder joint stress. 
  • The padded harness divides the load. This is done through a large part of the upper body that eliminates pinch points.
  • The chrome finish prevents rust and early wear and tear, allowing for a longer life cycle. 
  • Squats that are hands-free can be performed.
  • Reduces injury 
  • Discomfort is removed as well as instability when squats are performed. 
  • Allows increased power while doing back squats, the hip hinge is closer to the bar. 
  • Performing front, back squats, rehabilitation, lunges, etc. 
  • Not included are the collars and weight plates.


  • Bar Type Man’s bar
  • Bar use Squat Bar
  • Bar Weight 25kg
  • Shaft Diameter 32mm
  • Knurl Marks: 1.5mm
  • Knurl: Sharp
  • Knurl Type IPF-3
  • Full aggressive knurling across the bar
  • Whip Stiff
  • Bar Length 2400mm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length 425mm
  • Shaft Coating Black Phosphate
  • Sleeve Coating Hard Chrome
  • Bushing/Bearing 4 Bronze Bushings
  • Tensile Strength 205,000 PSI
  • Max load 1800lbs/816kg



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