EVA Foam Roller / Yoga Column


EVA Foam Roller / Yoga Column

EVA Foam Roller or Yoga Column is made of high-density EVA foam over a heavy-duty solid foam cylinder core to be rugged and strong. FR43 is effective, yet comfortable to use either for novices or professionals. Physical fitness professionals have refined the roller from smooth spherical versions to the cutting-edge deployment of sports medicine technologies that you see today.


EVA Foam Roller / Yoga Column


Foam rollers were initially considered generic gym accessories and were treated like a simple resistance band or a massage ball. These foam rollers got their true importance when people knew about their real potential and wide applications. 

Nowadays, a foam roller is known as an important gym accessory that prevents a gym injury and helps recover the injured gym users efficiently. It also helps users warm up for gym exercises by targeting their special touchpoints and by regularizing their blood flow. 

The rollers also relax the muscles after the gym exercises. Roller balancing is also a very effective technique to support heavier exercises including crunch exercises and push-ups. 

EVA foam rollers are made from a special polymer named Ethyl Vinyl Acetate. EVA foam is known to be made of a much superior polymer as compared to EPE and EPP foam. 

They are long-lasting and are highly durable. Their superior resistance offers greater compressive and tensile strengths. 

It does not get damaged or lose its shape as opposed to a general polypropylene roller. It is more durable too. In a nutshell, EVA foams are the best options for any gym in terms of cost and performance.  

Eva foam rollers have a very solid core and are made with thick density patterns to provide optimum compressive strength. It is best to offer personal body massage and to alleviate body aches. Users can achieve more flexibility and it is also ideal for body wellness. 

The optimum levels of their length accommodate any kind of gym user and are also ideal for supporting the backbone while different exercises are performed on these rollers. The general length of these foam rollers is around 36 inches. 

This is the perfect length to support any kind of exercise including stretch ups or lying on the roller exercises. You can go for the foam rollers with the length of 12 to 18 inches as a more compact and portable option that can also do a simple massage. 

A foam roller suits fitness trainees who like running and doing fitness exercises. It is best for reducing the cellulite of users and to give massage therapy to the thoracic parts. 

These rollers are ideal for your pilate collection, body balancing, and yoga exercises. They are the best choices for pre and post-exercise therapies and for treating sore muscles by relaxing knots and joints and optimising the blood flow. 

Key Features:

  • These rollers are ideal choices for pilates and yoga accessories. 
  • Suit well for running exercises and also helps the body to get rid of harmful substances like lactic acids after the gym exercises. 
  • Their soft properties suit most amateurs who are just starting myofascial releasing exercises. 
  • Ideal option to warm up properly before starting physical exercises to avoid mishaps.
  • Also relaxes body parts and muscles like legs, calves, and hamstrings after the exercises. 
  • Users can massage their back by applying pressure on the muscles to optimize myofascial release. 
  • Relax the aching feet by relaxing the fascia and foot arches. 


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