Urethane Weight Plates (CPU)


Urethane Weight Plates (CPU)

Urethane Weight Plates are constructed from high-grade cast iron cores, odorless and impact-resistant polyurethane. In addition to that, polyurethane weight plates outlive iron and rubber-coated barbell plates in terms of durability and longevity. As far as commercial gyms go, urethane weight plates are the most popular choice for free weights. WPC002 also features a functional 3-hole grip pattern that allows easy loading and unloading during free weights training.


Urethane Weight Plates (CPU)


  • Material: polyurethane
  • Stainless steel insert ring
  • Dia of hole: 50.8 mm
  • Weight Range:  1.25/2.5/5/10/15/20/25KG
  • Tolerance: ±2%
  • High quality, impact resistant polyurethane helps protect facility floors and surrounding equipment from abrasions.
  • Heavy-duty PU coating will not split, crack or peel and are impervious to rusting, chipping and flaking.
  • Eliminates noise and vibration during workouts.


The core of urethane weight plates consists of industrial-grade cast iron. For impact resistance, these plates receive a coating of odorless polyurethane. 

In addition, the three-hole grip makes these plates highly functional. This allows you to load and unload a plate without any hassle. Urethane plates outcast both the rubber-coated and cast iron barbell plates.

This is the reason why commercial gym owners prefer using urethane weight plates. These plates have large and bright-colored weight numbers. This helps the user while identifying a particular plate.

The handles make it easy to pick, load, and store these weight plates. Besides, urethane weight plates are the best choice when it comes to buying weights plates for a commercial gym. 

The polyurethane coating is also suitable for other types of gym equipment. However, urethane-coated dumbbells, weight plates, kettlebells, and barbells are the ideal choice for commercial gyms.

The reason for this is the durability and impressive finish. The painted weight plates start to chip within a couple of days. Besides, rubber-coated weight plates also start to crack due to dryness. 

However, urethane weight plates offer high-level durability. Hence, these plates can maintain their appearance and aesthetics for an extended period. 

In addition, urethane allows imprinting laser-cut logos and brand names. The urethane plates offer better ROI (Return on Investment) to the gym owners. 

On the other hand, the gym members find urethane plates more functional and safe to use. 

Key Features:

  • Constructed with Industrial-grade polyurethane
  • Extended durability due to urethane coating 
  • Prevents the floors, plates, and other equipment from any kind of damage
  • The weight plates consist of pure cast iron
  • Urethane coating offers maximum protection and lowers the noise
  • These plates fit well with Olympic bars due to their 2″ center hole
  • The center ring is made of stainless steel, which offers extended durability and a smooth surface between the bar and plate
  • Ergonomically designed handles ensure better grip and control
  • The urethane weight plates are suitable for strengthening your muscles
  • Apart from exceptional durability, these plates exhibit minimum bounce
  • Sturdy chrome insert
  • The numbering and lettering are perfectly labeled


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