Cast Iron Kettlebell


Cast Iron Kettlebell

Cast Iron Kettlebell is constructed from a single solid piece of cast iron with dual LB/KG marks. The single cast makes the kettlebells more robust and dependable since there are no welds, weak spots, seams, or burrs. Moreover, KBI001 also features a flat wobble-free surface that enables upright storage


Cast Iron Kettlebell


  • Handle: bright chrome finishing
  • Weight Range: 4,6,8,10,12,16,18,20,24,28,32,36,40,44,48kg
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 2%


We produce the best quality cast iron kettlebell available in the market. That is because we use the finest quality of raw material. Our kettlebells are finely finished to provide a firm grip and chip-resistant surfaces to users. 

The base of this kettlebell is firm enough to stay on the ground while doing exercises and even during storage. The use of cast iron makes it more comfortable and stable for smooth usage and makes it long-lasting. 

Users can easily identify between the pounds (LB) and kilograms (KG) differentiating them with separate colours.  Both are mentioned on the kettlebells. 

The extra time finishing of these cast iron kettlebells makes it cleaner and smoother for extra comfortability. The handles of our kettlebells are perfectly smooth and the base is properly flat as compared to other low-quality kettlebells. 

These kettlebells are not easily damaged due to extra layers that also protect them from rusting. The grip is naturally firm even without having to use chalks. 

These kettlebells are durable enough to last many decades if they are not misused. They are also painted in black to protect from corrosion. Their handle can ensure a firm grip for hands of any size. 

No matter how high a user lifts them, there are very few chances of slippage. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor gyms.  They have a variety of applications including a handstand, renegade row exercise, and the mounted pistol squat exercise. Users can add weights to these kettlebells for better exercise experiences.

Key Features:

  • The cast iron kettlebells are coated with powder to ensure they are more durable. 
  • They can accommodate heavier exercises. 
  • Our kettlebell is free from any sort of a weak joint or a seam that can lead to its breakage. 
  • Don’t worry about the slippage. Users don’t even need to wear gloves or use chalks for a better grip on these kettlebells. 
  • A fine black painting on these kettlebells ensures to protect them from being rusted or corroded over time. 
  • It will last for many years even with low maintenance. 
  • Users can use weights with these kettlebells for fitness exercises like a squat, lifting, get-up exercises, and swinging, etc.
  • Its flat bottom ensures that it stays in place during and after the exercises. 
  • Weights are mentioned in lbs and kgs for better understanding. 


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