Deadlift Bar


Deadlift Bar


Deadlift Bar


  • Bar Type Man’s bar
  • Bar use: deadlifting
  • Bar Weight 20kg
  • Shaft Diameter 27mm
  • Knurl marks: 1.5mm
  • Knurl: Sharp
  • Knurl Type IPF-4
  • Center Knurl no
  • Whip Best
  • Bar Length 2330mm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length 425 mm
  • Shaft Coating Black Phosphate
  • Sleeve Coating Hard Chrome
  • Bushing/Bearing 4 Bronze Bushings
  • Tensile Strength 170,000 PSI
  • Max load 1000lbs/456kg


This deadlift bar by Yanre Fitness is famous for its durability and performance. Besides, it comes with an environment-friendly coating, as it has either no or little VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants).

This deadlift bar comes with a 170,000-PSI shaft. In addition to its extra length, the diameter is thin too. Hence, this bar is easy to grip and safe to lift. It also offers enhanced flex while pulling. 

With the increased amount of flex, it is easy for powerlifters to increase the weight to their maximum limit. It is possible to lift the bar from a higher point. 

Key Features:

  • Made with tubular steel, this deadlift bar don’t need much space in a gym
  • Neutral placement of the grip offers a comfortable grip
  • Elevated sleeves ensure easy lifting on the back
  • Helps to engage large muscle groups, which makes it an ideal choice for a full-body workout
  • Compatible with Olympic weight plates
  • The diamond knurling offers a firm and secure grip for lifting heavy weights
  • This deadlift bar comes with superior quality snap clips 

Benefits of using Deadlift Bar

Below are a few of the most prominent benefits of this deadlift bar.

  • Need to pull for a less distance

With its ideal bend position, you will only need less distance to pull it. And it will give you an edge when lifting max weight.

  • Slightly Whipped bar

While performing deadlift on this deadlift bar, you will experience a considerable whip. This is a unique design feature of Yanre’s deadlift bar. It will bend more if you add more weight plates. 

The reason for this is the fact that our deadlift bar is longer when compared to a standard Olympic barbell. This deadlift bar is nearly 90 inches long. 

However, a standard Olympic barbell isn’t longer than 86 inches. In fact, every inch counts when you are doing deadlifting with some heavy weights. 

  • This bar is easy to lift

Lifting is easy with Yanre Fitness deadlift bar. This is possible due to the whipping design of this bar. In addition, you won’t feel a deadlift back crack, as you are actually lifting a few centimeters higher than a normal position.

  • Easy to grip 

Usually, deadlift bars are nearly 27-28mm in diameter. This may vary depending on the brand. Since this bar is thinner, it provides more area to firmly grip the deadlift bar. 

  • Aggressive knurling pattern

This deadlift bar has an aggressive knurling pattern. Therefore, it ensures a secure and comfortable lift.


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