Competition Kettlebell


Competition Kettlebell

Competition Kettlebell is durable, sturdy, and reliable professional grade kettlebell that is designed to help users sculpt and tone their body. This super-strong workout kettlebell, KBP001, is coated with a hard chrome finishing, which makes it more corrosion-resistant and durable.


Competition Kettlebell


  • Handle: Hard chrome finishing
  • Weight Range: 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,32KG
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 2%
  • Urethane Kettlebells feature a standard size for all weights, as well as the same handle thickness and shape.
  • Naturally brushed steel handles provide superior grip, while complementing the standard Competition Kettlebell colours.


Our competition-grade kettlebells are a great combination of quality & affordable pricing. 

They have a top-notch coating of urethane. It makes them long-lasting & resistant to damage from scratches & moisture.

The handles have a hard-chromed steel construction. It provides a smooth surface to combat friction & calluses due to intense workout sessions.

Competition kettlebells are color-coded for the weight (Kg), making them easier to identify. These kettlebells are bigger than the standard ones & have small, almost rectangular handles. They are similar in size, irrespective of their weight.

This type of kettlebell is suitable for high repetition workout sessions.

Regular kettlebells have a cast-iron construction. The handles are larger & the overall size increases with weight. Competition kettlebells, on the other hand, have the same handle size regardless of weight. It decreases grip fatigue.

The diameter also only increases to 30mm, making weight transition easier during a workout session.

Yanre Fitness competition-grade kettlebells have high-density, chromed steel handles with a smooth finish. They provide a firm grip, prevent blisters & calluses from high-rep exercises.

To maintain the competition kettlebells, store them in a dry, & cool place, away from direct exposure to sunlight. Use them on rubber flooring to prevent any impact damage if they fall.

Key Features:

  • The weight range for competition kettlebells is from 4Kg – 32Kgs.
  • For competition kettlebells, the weight tolerance is +/- 2%.
  • Handles are chromed & have a smooth feel to decrease friction. They are resistant to chipping, flaking & inhibit blisters & callus formation.
  • These are odorless & resistant to scratches.
  • The body of competition kettlebells has a sturdy polyurethane coating that makes them shock absorbent & rust-proof.
  • The powder coat finish ensures a smooth surface, free of imperfections. The unique contouring of the flat areas decreases friction & stiffness during overhead exercises.
  • Each competition kettlebell is color-coded for weight identification on the front.
  • The weight is written in oversized, larger lettering so that it is easily visible from a distance.
  • Our competition kettlebells come with our logo printed on them. They are customizable for a small added cost, though.                                                                          Recommended Reading: Kettlebell Buying Guide


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