Fractional Plate


Fractional Plate


Fractional Plates


Fractional plates are ideal for training and fitness exercises. Gradually progressing is essential to meet your fitness targets and the fractional plates help you achieve them. These plates help increase the weight on the bars. 

Our fractional plates are ideal choices to keep increasing the weights on your gym bars so that the users can build their muscles and get good physical shape. 

The fractional plates that we offer are easy to handle and they come with proper color schemes so that users can easily identify them. A high-quality urethane is used in the manufacturing that ensures their durability, resilience, and functionality. 

This urethane material is also responsible for making these plates odorless and easy to use. It also protects these plates from scratches and prevents the bars from getting damaged. A fine urethane lining is done in the inner side of these plates but this lining fades away after some time but will still not be affecting the exercises. 

It is advised that users who want to shape their muscles should increase their weight gradually. New gym comers tend to increase weight quickly for early results. On the other hand, professional bodybuilders increase weight step by step to achieve the desired shape and size of muscles. 

Key Features:

  • Our fractional plates are made with fine steel and coated with rubber that makes them ideal for repeated usage and also increases their durability. 
  • They are also designed not to damage the floor while dropping these plates on the floor. 
  • Users can easily attach these plates to the barbells and perform traditional exercises like military press and bench press, etc. 
  • Users can also use these plates as independent entities. Users can lift these plates with their hands and can also do the exercises like Squats. 
  • Proper color coding would help users easily identify these plates. 
  • These plates have a very fine matte finish. They are also coated with rubber to ensure less noise.  


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