Tripgrip Virgin Rubber Plates (Black)


Tripgrip Virgin Rubber Plates (Black)

WPHR002 is constructed with a natural and virgin rubber covering that gives a more attractive finish than the cast iron or plain variety. It is specifically intended to make lifting and loading the weights onto the bars simpler due to the tri-grip or 3 handles of the plate. The strong and resilient rubber also protects your flooring from dents and scratches, allowing users to confidently take training to the next level.


Tripgrip Virgin Rubber Plates (Black)


  • Material: Cast Iron, nature Rubber Stainless insert
  • Dia of hole: 50.8 mm
  • Weight Range: 1.25/2.5/5/10/15/20/25KG 10pcs/size, 5/10/15/25/35/45LB 10pcs/size
  • Tolerance: ±2%
  • Nature rubber encased , minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the plates themselves.
  • 3 Grip Rubber Coated weight plate with steel ring. The 3 Grips Rubber Coated Weight Plate features the EZ grip handles. This not only makes these easier to move around your home gym, you can also grab the handles and use the Olympic Weight to do exercises.


Rubber plates–trip handgrips have a specific design. These plates are suitable for weightlifting. Loading these plates on the barbells is also easy. The superior quality rubber coating offers a beautiful finish. Apart from improving durability, rubber plates also protect the plates and gym floor. With these plates, you can experience a commercial-grade performance at an affordable price. 

These non-competition rubber plates are highly suitable for CrossFit boxes, commercial gyms, and sports centers. Besides, the tri-grip handles are the best feature of these rubber plates. 

The round handles come with finger slots. The spacious opening makes it easy to lift the plates. In addition, loading and unloading these plates require less effort. This feature also prevents the issue of finger squeezing while loading the plates on the barbell. The handgrip also allows you to use these rubber plates as hand weights for performing different workouts. 

In short, the ergonomic handgrip of these plates makes them convenient to use. These plates don’t bounce when dropped. Hence, our virgin rubber plates are much safer for the user and others who are standing nearby. 

The bumper plates offered by us are compact. These plates are more durable than the weight plates made with recycled rubber. Using these plates allows the trainee to load more plates. 

Hence, these rubber plates are a viable option for training deadlift and similar other exercisers. The plate numbers are large, which makes them clearly visible. This makes it easy to identify a particular weight plate. 

We have used premium quality virgin rubber for the manufacturing of these bumper plates. Hence, these plates can bear use and abuse. The virgin rubber is an excellent choice for ensuring superior durability. 

This durometer or hardness level of this rubber is 10 and 15 lb. This helps these plates to maintain their shape and ensure a maximum lifespan. Due to the enhanced hardness, these plates don’t experience a “taco” effect. This issue is common in plates made with recycled rubber. 

Our patented design and stainless steel insert (heavy gauge) are unique. This insert won’t come out or lose even after extended use. The accuracy level of mentioned weight is within the range of +/- 1%.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic and unique design
  • Coated with virgin rubber coating
  • Triple-handle design offers improved grip and ensures maximum flexibility to perform different workouts 
  • Separator provides a perfect gap for a hassle-free access
  • Immune from cracking or fading 
  • Resistant to rust 
  • Suitable for use as the freehand weights 
  • Easy to load plates due to stainless steel ring 
  • Low impact or drop noise 
  • Doesn’t cause any harm to the gym floor


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