Suspension Training Belt


Suspension Training Belt

Suspension Training Belt is developed to be more user-friendly and to deliver a smoother, updated commercial gym system on the level with professional strength training equipment. SP-01 has an easily adjusted zero-slip clasp, and the large-size and lined foot cradles are designed to be more comfortable for a wider variety of body types. It allows users to achieve fitness goals and at commercial gyms.


Suspension Training Belt


The suspension training belt can help a user to have a full-body workout anywhere and anytime. With maximum results in less than 20 minutes. This belt will give them the ability to reach fitness goals on the go or at commercial gyms.  

Unlike various other belts that adjust awkwardly and are tough to use, our suspension belts are easy to use. It provides a smoother level of strength training. Our belt features a non-slip buckle that is larger in size and foot cradles that are lined. They are made to be comfortable for various body sizes.

By using these training belts users will get a full-body workout by doing 7 basic moves. These moves consist of squats, lunges, planks, pulling, hinging, pushing, and revolving movements. The idea of using the training belt may be a little intimidating for beginners. Although these suspension belts make it easier for a beginner to get started.

When choosing commercial exercise equipment, it is best to not settle for weak training belts. These threaten to fall or break whenever in use. Wasting time with a training system that has breakable materials cannot be trusted. This is the last thing any user has time for. 

That’s why our training belt is a great choice for you to invest in. It is made from commercial-grade quality nylon, is made to last, and has durable stitching. Our sturdy training straps are made for regular, quality exercise sessions.

Key Features:

  • With an easy and simple setup that only takes 60 seconds 
  • Increases endurance and improves flexibility. Making the user training, feel, and look like a professional powerful athlete.
  • Ideal for workouts like squats, lunges, pulling, planks, pushing, rotational movements, and hinging. 
  • Our suspension belts make it user-friendly for beginners to get started
  •  Non-slip buckle
  • Larger sized foot cradles that are lined and constructed for comfortability


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