Best Gym Owner’s Battle Rope Buying Guide In 2022


A battle rope appears to be a straightforward and simple looking gym accessory. However, there are various aspects, which differentiate them from each other.

Hence, before making a choice, it is imperative to identify the features and performance score of a battle rope. In other words, select a particular type of battle rope that meets your workout-related needs. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will be discussing the key features and properties of different types of Functional Training ropes. It will allow you to choose a top-notch battle rope that is worthy to buy.

Besides, we have compiled this buying guide after consulting with the professionals in the battle rope industry. Here, we will talk about the physical structure, physical properties, and types of material used for battle ropes. 

Besides, this guide also contains buying tips for battle ropes. So, without a further delay, let’s dive in!

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Quick Comparison Chart

In fact, battle ropes are available in a wide range of materials. This is the reason why gym ropes of different brands show variation in their performance. 

Given below is the comparison chart, which highlights how the material of a battle rope can influence its properties. Hence, it will help you to choose the best possible option and rule out the inappropriate ones.

Features Poly DarconManila
DurabilityIdealGood but Spoils in Moisture
HeavinessComparatively LightweightHeavier
GripVariable, Depending on the TypeFirm Grip
Fiber SheddingNoneYes

Battle Rope Physical Structure

  1. Rope

If you are looking for a synthetic battle rope, Poly Dacron should be your first choice. Poly Dacron battle ropes also differ from each other. Therefore, it is essential to buy those made with some high-quality materials. These battle ropes tend to offer maximum durability and performance. 

Talking about the battle ropes made of natural materials, Manila is the material to choose. The reason being is the outstanding properties of this material. 

We will discuss both of these materials in the coming sections.

Battle Rope Yanre Fitness
  1. Handles

The handles of a battle rope are usually made of some sort of thermoplastic substance. This type of material prevents it from unwinding. In technical terms, this substance refers to be a heat-shrink. 

This means that after applying heat, the material shrinks and tightly covers the ends of a battle rope. Hence, you can use the ends of such a rope just like handles. 

These handles are hard and allow you to firmly grip the rope. Besides, the material used at the ends of a rope also makes it more durable by preventing looseness.

Furthermore, you should also keep in mind to choose wider handles. The handles must have a particular texture for providing a better grip.

Battle Rope Handles Yanre Fitness
  1. Protective Sleeves

Using manila as the material for battle rope has its own downsides. For instance, manila usually sheds its fibers after a couple of uses. On the contrary, you won’t face this issue while using a synthetic battle rope. 

However, synthetic ropes do show some signs of damage after some time. Generally, the anchor point receives the most damage in terms of shedding and fraying.

Since these ropes have to bear use and abuse, they must have a protective shield. For this purpose, most of the top-rated brands offer battle ropes with protective sleeves. 

These sleeves completely cover the rope, which prevents them from regular wear and tear. As a result, you can perform vigorous workouts with these ropes without any fear of damaging them.

Battle Rope Protective Sleeves Yanre Fitness
  1. Anchor

Anchors play a key role when it comes to keeping a battle rope stable when doing a workout. Some brands offer anchors with their battle ropes. However, a variety of manufacturers asks for buying these accessories separately.

In fact, you can also use a heavy object in place of an anchor. However, it would be a better decision to buy battle ropes, which come with anchors. You can get a perfect deal while buying both these gym accessories collectively.

Battle Rope Anchor Yanre Fitness

Battle Rope Types by Material

Most of the gym owners and workout enthusiasts prefer a durable and performance-oriented battle rope. However, the durability of a rope largely depends on its material.

Battle ropes consist of different materials i.e. synthetic (Poly Dacron) and natural (Manila) materials. Here, we have discussed both of these materials.

Synthetic Battle Rope-Poly Dacron

Poly Dacron is a synthetic material made by combining the fibers of Propylene and Dacron. The presence of Dacron offers additional strength to the outer braid of a battle rope. 

On the other hand, Polypropylene offers additional reinforcement. It not only reduces the weight but also lowers the cost of a battle rope.

The Poly Dacron material is resistant to shedding. Hence, this material is ideal for manufacturing battle ropes. However, low-quality Poly Dacron rope can start to fray after using it for a couple of weeks. 

The difference in quality relates to the variation in the ratio of Dacron and Polypropylene. The best possible ratio is 80% dacron, 20% polypropylene. 


This is the ratio that Yanre Fitness uses while manufacturing battle ropes. It offers both durability and fluidity. 

The battle rope manufacturers don’t mention the ratio of Dacron and Polypropylene. Hence, you need to rely on the appearance and price of a battle rope.

Cheaper and low-quality battle ropes have a fibrous feel. On the contrary, a good quality battle rope appears to be stiff, which is quite normal for high-quality synthetic ropes. 

These ropes loosen up after a couple of uses. This is a common feature for the battle ropes made of high-quality Poly Dacron.

Natural Battle Rope: Manila

Manila is a natural material obtained from the Abaca plant. This material offers a perfect grip even with sweaty hands. However, due to its excessive shedding, manila battle ropes are suitable for outdoor use.

Besides, these ropes are 10 to 25% expensive. If you prefer organic materials, Manila rope should be your best bet. As a downside, manila ropes start to decay naturally after a couple of years.


Battle Rope Physical Properties


Battle ropes are available in a variety of sizes. The most common of them include:

  • 1.5 inches x 30/40/50 ft
  • 2 inches x 30/40/50 ft

Usually larger ropes are the heavier ones. This feature allows the user to perform high-intensity workouts. However, beginners should start with a 30ft rope. On the contrary, 50ft rope is an ideal option for professional athletes. 


Battle ropes of different lengths are available on the market. The shortest is 10ft, while the largest can reach up to 100ft. A shorter rope is a viable choice if you want to improve your agility and speed. 

Normally, 50ft battle rope is the most famous choice. Nevertheless, 40ft and 30ft ropes are also popular. Besides, the fluidity of battle rope depends on its length. 

Due to catching and slapping, shorter ropes are difficult to control. The longer ropes offer better fluidity, which adds more fun to your workout. 

If confused, think about buying a 50ft rope. This type of battle rope is an appropriate option for all types of users.


Generally, battle ropes are available in different thicknesses. These include: 

  • 1.5-inch 
  • 2-inch
  • 2.5-inch 

However, the 1. 5-inch thickness is highly recommended. This is an ideal thickness for most people. Apart from being a commonly used battle rope, it is also suitable for beginners.


The 2-inch thick ropes are 33% heavier as compared to 1.5-inch options. These ropes are suitable for a strength workout. If you have used a 1.5-inch rope for some time, only then you can upgrade to a 2-inch rope. 

Besides, if you are training as a powerlifter, it is possible to use 2.5-inch ropes. Using this type of battle rope is difficult, as most experienced athletes can’t use it for more than 30 seconds.


The performance of a battle rope also depends on its weight. This is so, as heavy ropes allow to perform intense sessions. In addition, light ropes are suitable for aerobics, cardio, and endurance workouts.

The weight of a battle rope depends on its size. Listed below are the sizes and relevant weights of the battle ropes.

  • 1.5 inches x 30 ft — 12 pounds
  • 1.5 inches x 40 ft — 18 pounds
  • 1.5 inches x 50 ft — 24 pounds

When making a selection, choose a rope that is more challenging. The extra resistance will improve your strength after a month or so.


Although it is not possible to keep your battle rope in pristine condition for years, yet it must show some resistance to wear and tear. In fact, non-synthetic materials are usually more durable.

These materials can resist moisture and are durable too. Hence, you should go for a waterproof battle rope, which also offers an anti-fraying quality. 

In addition, also look for the shrink caps on the edges of a battle rope. These caps are a sign of durability and good quality.

Buying Tips and Traps to Avoid


Before purchasing a battle rope, keep in mind the available space. Usually, you need 25ft long area for anchoring a 50ft battle rope. 

Handle Material

Generally, cheaper battle ropes are not made of high-quality materials. Often, these ropes don’t come with heat shrunk ends. As a result, the ends of the rope start to rip or unwind after a couple of uses. 

Hence, it is necessary to examine the materials used for making the handles of a battle rope.


A high-quality battle rope offers anti-fraying and water-resistant features. Moisture damage and fraying are two major aspects that lower the durability of a rope.

Slip Resistance

A slip-resistant battle rope allows you to wear gloves. Since it is a useful feature, you should look for a rope offering slip resistance. 


The handle must come with a particular texture to offer a better grip. Besides, the handles must also offer reasonable length. Normally, heat-shrunk caps tend to be durable. These handles also ensure the durability of a rope.

Final Words

After getting the necessary information about battle ropes, it is now possible for you to make an informed decision. Despite the availability of numerous brands, choosing the most appropriate one isn’t that difficult.

This is the area where our guide helps you the most. You can use this guide for creating a checklist and limit your searches. If you still have any questions in mind, feel free to contact us. 

You can also leave a message in the “comments” section. We will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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