Best Gym Owners’ Aerobic Step Buying Guide In 2022


Although the aerobic step appears to be simple, it is more than just a piece of gym equipment. It has numerous other names i.e. exercise step box, workout step bench, cardio stepper, step bench, and aerobic steps. 

The aerobic steppers offered by various brands are slightly different from each other. Hence, it is essential to consider the key features of an aerobic step when buying one.

In this comprehensive guide, we have compiled the most relevant information. We gathered information by consulting those professionals who manufacture aerobic steppers. 

So, if you are looking for an expert opinion regarding various types of gym steppers, just continue reading. Here, we will talk about the salient features that you must consider when buying an aerobic step.

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Aerobic Step Materials

Workout step or aerobic step boxes are made of different materials. However, we recommend only top-quality aerobic steps. These steppers consist of high-density and high-quality plastic material. 

Apart from affordability, these aerobic steps are durable too. Hence, they can withstand the stress of exercise movements.

Besides, fiberglass and metal are some other materials that manufacturers use to make gym steppers. Although these aerobic steps are heavier, they tend to be more durable. 

However, the perfect aerobic step doesn’t weigh much, but it is sturdy too.

Aerobic Step Yanre Fitness

Polyurethane Aerobic Step

Polyurethane is a heavy-duty material, which proves to be an ideal choice for producing aerobic gym steps. No doubt, this is a durable, lightweight, and sturdy material. 

Besides, gym steps made of Polyurethane are portable as well as practical.

Polyurethane Aerobic Step

Polyethylene Aerobic Step

The gym steppers made of polyethylene are strong and sturdy. Since this is a high-density material, these aerobic steps offer maximum weight capacity. The polyethylene steps are capable of supporting 200 lbs. to 500 lbs. of weight.

Hence, bulkier persons prefer polyethylene steppers. Besides, these steppers are also comfortable to use. It is also possible to recycle these fitness steppers. 

You can compare the sturdiness of polyethylene steppers with that of ethylene-vinyl steppers. In addition, these aerobic steps can serve you for longer periods. 

PVC Aerobic Step

The aerobic step made of PVC is a viable choice when you are looking for maximum stability and balance.

PVC Aerobic Step Yanra Fitness

ABS Aerobic Step

The ABS aerobic step can serve as a durable option when you are searching for premium quality steppers.

To sum it up:

  • The plastic steppers made of high-quality plastic are functional as well as cost-effective. You can easily stack them and adjust their height. These steppers are available in a variety of colors.
  • The sturdiness and strength of an aerobic step rely on its weight. Hence, the heavy it is, the stronger it would be.

Aerobic Step Features to Look For

Discussed below are the key features to consider when buying aerobic steps.


Just like any other gym equipment, the dimensions of an aerobic stepper are also crucial. Especially, you must consider the length of a gym stepper. 

This is so, as the length of a stepper may vary depending on the type of exercise you want to do. For instance, longer steppers are suitable for cardio, aerobics, or crossover workouts.

A shorter stepper won’t serve the purpose if you are using a wider stance when performing a specific workout.

Pro Tip

Usually, professionals and gym owners prefer 43 x 16 inches steppers. This is an ideal size if you want to draw the most out of your workout.

Aerobic Step Length

Height Adjustability

Most of the manufacturers offer aerobic steppers with adjustable height. This type of exercise stepper is a viable option for a commercial gym. It allows multiple users to perform their workout by simply adjusting the height.

Therefore, you must check how much height you can adjust with a particular gym stepper. The risers tend to be the most important part of an aerobic step. 

The most common steppers come with 2 to 5 risers. Each step adds or lowers nearly 2 inches. This means you can raise a gym stepper to 4, 6, 8, and 10 inches. 

The height adjustability feature also allows you to increase or decrease your workout intensity. In addition, people with short heights find it comfortable to exercise on a lower gym stepper. 

Therefore, an adjustable aerobic step can easily meet the needs of a wide range of gym users. So, we do recommend using an adjustable gym stepper rather than elevating the platform by stacking various steppers.

Pro Tip

Before buying, make sure that a stepper comes with a height adjustment feature. 


Weight Capacity

Apart from these aspects, the weight-bearing capacity of a gym stepper also needs your attention. This is essential, as by putting excessive weight you can damage the stepper. 

Besides, it can also cause injury to the user. Commonly, commercial-grade aerobic steps offer a weight limit of 200 lbs.

Depending on quality and brand, the weight capacity of a gym stepper may differ. However, top-rated manufacturers offer aerobic steppers with a weight-bearing capacity of 250 lbs. 

Pro Tip

The weight capacity of 200-250 lbs. shows that you are dealing with a high-quality gym stepper.

Weight Aerobic Step Yanra Fitness


You won’t like to buy a gym stepper that isn’t able to offer a stable platform. Hence, make sure to go for a sturdy stepper, which allows you to perform your workout without any distraction. 

Avoid choosing a gym stepper that isn’t capable of withstanding the tough gym environment. The best way in this respect is to ensure that an aerobic stepper looks sturdy. 

Especially, the material of an aerobic step will tell you all about its quality and durability. Therefore, settle only for a well-constructed aerobic stepper.

Pro Tip

If a stepper looks substandard and cheap, simply avoid it. Choosing the high-quality plastic stepper is the most recommended option.

Slip Resistance

An aerobic step should be slip-resistant. This particular feature ensures a secure platform for you to perform your workout. An anti-slip surface allows you to stay sturdy and concentrate on your exercise.

Apart from the upper surface, the lower area of an aerobic step must also have a slip-resistant surface. This prevents the slipping or unexpected movement of the stepper.

By merely looking at the texture of a gym stepper’s surface, you can ascertain the steadiness of such a platform. A durable and anti-slip material such as rubber allows a user to perform extreme exercises. 

You can easily jump on and off the stepper without any fear of losing your balance. In addition, you must also note that the textured surface should be comfortable to stand on. 

This means you can stand on this platform with bare feet. A perfectly designed surface feels comfortable even if you are sitting on it.

Pro Tip

Choose a gym stepper with anti-slip feet. It will not only protect you but also ensure the safety of the gym floor. There are numerous types of anti-slip options including:  

  • Slip-resistant texture 
  • Sweat-proof coating 
  • Anti-slip surface mats.
Slip Resistance Aerobic Step Yanra Fitness


When performing a workout on a gym stepper, you continuously shift your weight by moving around. Hence, your aerobic step must be capable of withstanding the stress.

The gym stepper should not shake or move from its place when you are standing on it. Apart from this, the height adjustment mechanism should also show the required sturdiness.

Pro Tip

Go for a gym stepper, which is highly stable and assists you while maintaining your balance.

Sustainability Aerobic Step Yanra Fitness

Shock Absorbency

In addition to other features, an aerobic step must also exhibit maximum shock-absorbing ability. This is essential, as it prevents damaging your joints due to abrupt or sudden jerks. 

In other words, a gym stepper should minimize the impact of an intense workout on your joints. It helps to lower the chances of injury or pain after an extensive workout.

Pro Tip

A stepper with a shock-absorbing feature avoids diverting stress or strain to the joints. Hence, you will feel relaxed after performing your workout. 


Normally, a commercial-grade gym stepper is portable and requires less space for its storage. Hence, make sure to go for a foldable unit. 

Pro Tip

If you prefer a highly portable stepper, just choose one with foldable parts.

Buying Tips and Traps to Avoid

Here are the most beneficial tips to consider when buying an aerobic step. 


Settle for full-sized commercial-grade steppers. The dimensions of these steppers are 43 x 16 inches. This type of gym stepper is suitable for both experienced and beginners.


A stepper with rounded corners is safe to use. It prevents unexpected injuries while doing the workout.


Generally, these steppers don’t come with a warranty. However, a few manufacturers offer warranties ranging between 1 to 6 months.


You must prefer height adjustment mechanisms such as risers. Piling up the steppers to gain height is neither appropriate nor safe.

Weight Capacity

Choose an aerobic step that offers a minimum of 200 kg weight capacity. This is an indication that you are buying a top-quality stepper.

Manufacturing Method

Aerobic steps are normally made of blow molding or injection molding. It is essential to inquire which procedure a manufacturer uses to make aerobic steppers. 

In fact, the injection-molded steppers are sturdy and more durable as compared to the blow molding ones. 


After knowing everything about an aerobic step, you can now make a deal with confidence. This means you can buy this gym accessory without any hassle. 

It will help in getting the most affordable and high-quality steppers. If you still have a question, just contact us today!

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