Polyethylene Battle Rope


Polyethylene Battle Rope

Polyethylene battle rope is made with a durable polyethylene blend along the length to provide graded resistance to counter the force of the user’s motions. BR01 is built with a multi-strand, ensuring long-term use and sturdiness. It also allows users to counteract every movement in the body that requires muscular contractions all throughout the body.


Polyethylene Battle Rope


  • The Poly-Dacron doesn’t fray out easily.
  • Ideal for high-intensity interval training, supersets or work in between sets, battle ropes will guarantee a full body workout in an incredibly short period of time.
  • This is a  sturdy, heavy-duty battle rope and shouldn’t need   replacing for a long time
  • The handles are great, allowing you to get a solid grip on this battle rope despite the slick synthetic rope.


The polyethylene battle ropes by Yanre Fitness can help gym members to strengthen their upper and lower body parts. Besides, this gym accessory is an ideal choice for martial arts training routines.

The traditional ropes are heavy and non-elastic, which allow just a single plane of force. On the contrary, polyethylene battle rope consists of Poly-Dacron.

The availability of this material throughout the length of the rope helps to apply graduated resistance. This offers maximum resistance to counter the force created by the movement of a user.

Yanre polyethylene battle rope allows the users to get the most out of their training session. Apart from serving as a powerful resistance rope, our polyethylene battle rope is a multipurpose gym accessory.

Some of the most common applications include:

  • Resistance training
  • Rotational movement training
  • Lateral movement training Reverse walking
  • Building cardiovascular endurance

This particular polyethylene battle rope proves to be a substantial tool for a complete body workout or extensive resistance training.

To use a battle rope, attach it to the anchor (close to the ground) or ask another gym member to hold it. The user can perform resistance rope exercises by making waves like motion or creating circles.

Key Features:

  • The exercises performed with battle ropes are dynamic. These exercises help to condition different body parts and gain strength. Battle ropes engage a variety of body parts including shoulders, hands, arms, core, back, and legs.
  • Constructed with a highly durable polyethylene material
  • The heavy-duty Poly-Dacron material is durable and resistant to wear
  • Comfortable and sturdy handles for a strong grip. It helps to avoid damaging the user’s hand while providing a secure grip to perform any kind of workout or training

Benefits of using Polyethylene Battle Rope

  •       The users can focus more on their workout, as they won’t face issues like fraying, breaking, or coming loose
  •       Targets almost every part of the body such as arms, hands, back, shoulders, core, abs, and legs
  •       Proves to be highly effective for aerobic endurance workouts and strength training
  •       Offers much better grip while ensuring the safety of a user’s hands

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