Urethane 12-sided dumbbell (CPU)


Urethane 12-sided dumbbell (CPU)

Urethane 12-sided dumbbells (CPU) are made with polyurethane coating and a 12-sided head that prevents rolling off benches or over the gym floor. DBC003 provides a number of advantages, including increased wear and durability. These dumbbells do not have an odor, which makes them more appealing in restricted spaces. Moreover, due to the urethane’s excellent impact resistance, these dumbbells are ideal for wood, tile, concrete, or any gym flooring that is prone to damage from free weights.


Urethane 12-sided dumbbell (CPU)


This 12-sided Urethane dumbbell is an ideal option for an owner of a commercial gym or Functional Training box. It is a viable choice when you are planning to replace your standard rubber dumbbells. 

Due to its high-quality polyurethane coating, this urethane dumbbell is beneficial in many ways. For instance, this dumbbell is durable and wear-resistant. 

In addition, it is free from a rubbery smell. This particular feature renders them a suitable choice for confined places. Since urethane is an impact-resistance material, these dumbbells won’t damage the floor. 

The 12-sided dumbbell has a patented design. This design prevents these plates from rolling off on the gym floor. The 12-sided design also offers ergonomic features. It offers a comfortable grip and improved weight distribution. 

These Urethane-coated dumbbells show enhanced compatibility with all types of dumbbell racks i.e. vertical, horizontal, and shelf racks. 

Key Features:

  • The chamfered radius of its steel slug helps to displace the impact force between urethane coating and steel slug. 
  • The handles of these plates consist of solid steel. Besides, these handles come with a hard chrome surface and knurled finish for a better grip.
  • The head of these plates contains a patented 12-sided design. It prevents the rolling around of the plates on the gym floor.
  • The diameter of the head starts from 6-inch (5-27.5 lbs.) and reaches up to 8-inch. This ensures perfect compatibility with all types of dumbbell racks.
  • These Urethane coated dumbbells don’t require any kind of maintenance. The solid steel heads and handles are hydraulically press-fit. In addition, after welding both these parts offer maximum strength and durability. 
  • Offers enhanced protection against tough gym environments.
  • The Urethane coating has a low odor. Besides, they don’t crack or fade over time. This material is impact resistant, which helps to prevent floor and equipment from wear or damage.
  • With a minimum of 3/8-inch thick Urethane coating, these dumbbells don’t make a lot of noise.
  • The permanently engraved weight sizes on each dumbbell are durable and won’t wear off.


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