Vinyl Dumbbell


Vinyl Dumbbell

Vinyl dumbbells are constructed in a cast iron core with a high-quality vinyl coating to improve grip and cushion the skin. Many users like the dumbbells’ vivid colors and compact sizes with modest incremental weight increases. Moreover, users can perform toning and strength-building workouts using these light vinyl dumbbells.


Vinyl Dumbbell


  • Vinyl dumbbells don’t rust and be easy to grip and easy to clean.
  • Can be washed and are usually cheaper than other types of dumbbells.
  • Smooth, shiny, plastic-feeling style.
  • Hexagonal shape prevent rolling, easy stacking.


Yanre Strength has been manufacturing Vinyl dumbbells for more than a decade. Our Vinyl dumbbells are a popular choice among commercial gym owners, fitness enthusiasts, and personal trainers all around the globe. 

They are also known as Aerobic hex dumbbells and Vinyl Hex dumbbells.  Some of the major reasons behind the popularity of our vinyl dumbbells are the bright colors, compact sizes, and small weight increments. 

Our vinyl dumbbells have an ergonomic design handle that provides a comfortable grip and prevents strain on palm muscles. The knurled and contoured grip is perfect for step aerobics, physical therapy, much more. 

Athletes can use them while running to burn extra calories and increase their stamina. Home gym owners can use them to tone and strengthen their muscles while saving money and having the comfort and ease of their home.  

Vinyl dumbbells are a complete fitness tool to perform triceps extensions, lunges, bicep curls, and lunges. They are also used in combination with a flat bench for lat rows, shoulder presses, flyers, and chest presses.  

Yanre Strength manufactures vinyl dumbbells using cast iron which is then coated with vinyl. The comfortable vinyl coating provides an efficient grip and cushioning effect. Their quality materials make them suitable for indoor as well as outdoor usage.  

They are a perfect gym accessory for a variety of exercises, to tone muscles, increase body strength, and shape your upper and lower body muscles. Some of the exercises performed using Vinyl dumbbells are Pilates, circuits, strength training, functional training and various fat-burning exercises.   

Key Features:

  • Vinyl coated cast iron dumbbells 
  • Non-slip and comfortable grip 
  • Attractive and bright colors 
  • Flat base and compact design 
  • Stable and secure hexagonal shape without the risks of unexpected rolling 

Benefits of Vinyl Dumbbells:

  1. Manufactured using commercial-grade cast iron, coated with the best quality vinyl that lasts a long time even after rigorous use. 
  2. Helps the user gain maximum benefits from exercise due to its non-slip vinyl coating that provides efficient grip.
  3. Compact and ergonomic design that is easy to hold and perform workouts with. 
  4. The vinyl coating protects the floor and produces little to no noise.

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