Fractional Plate


Fractional Plate


Fractional Plates


The fractional plates are ideal for the users to perform basic to intensive weight jumps. They can use the plates while doing Olympic powerlifting, weightlifting, and expert training. 

In most fitness studios, bumper plates usually weigh 10 pounds. With these fractional plates, the users can enhance their lifts in the range of half a pound to two pounds, adding half a pound per workout.

The users can load various fractional plates on both ends of the bar, generating combinations that suit their weight-training needs.

The bumper plates are lightweight with the lowest weight of 5 kgs in a size range of 17-3/4 inch to 18-inch. Whereas, the thin plates do not last that long as do their weightier equivalents while in use. The thinner plates bend and break with intensive slams during training.

Fractional plate size won’t touch the floor when the users do deadlifts, snatches, cleans and jerks, and various powerlifting and weightlifting exercises.

The users can set the micro-load with these pound-weight fractional plates for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and technique training. The weightlifters can advance their movement by adding small weights (starting with one-half-pound) and then go higher.

Also termed as ‘change plates’, the fractional plates provide great elasticity to weightlifters for their training. Professional athletes, youngsters, senior users, and people undergoing rehabilitation prefer working out with weights of small fractions. 

Individuals preparing for competitions and overcoming plateaus find these plates useful for setting new records. 

Key Features:

  • The plates are coated with sturdy cast-iron material that prevents them from scratching.
  • Shiny and smooth finishing.
  • These plates go well with the Olympic bars.
  •  The plates are easier to locate and use as they are color-coded and
  • The center hole of the fraction plates is also coated. It prevents the bar sleeves from scratching that have a solid chrome, hard-steel, or black oxide finishing.
  • These plates let the weightlifters enhance the weight of their lifts beginning with half a pound. 


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