Urethane round head dumbbell (TPU)


Urethane round head dumbbell (TPU)

Urethane round head dumbbells (TPU) offer the highest level of strength, performance, and longevity. DBT001 heads are fully encased in the thickest, hardest-wearing polyurethane available. The matte surface resists wear and will keep the dumbbells looking their best for many years to come. DBT001 also features a medium knurling in diamond size that gives a solid grip without ripping the skin off of the user’s hands.


Urethane Hex Dumbbell (TPU)


If you are a commercial gym owner or a wholesale distributor, it is time to upgrade the rubber dumbbells to urethane hex dumbbells.

This relatively new type of coating, i-e urethane, has various advantages over rubber coating. For instance, as compared to rubber dumbbells, urethane dumbbells are more durable and do not have a smell. 

The impact-resistance superficial surface of urethane dumbbells makes it usable on floors that might damage otherwise. They are safe to use on wood, concrete, turf, tile, or rubber floor. 

Yanre Strength uses excellent quality materials to manufacture Urethane hex dumbbells. The head and handle are strongly joined together using the best quality steel. This strong bond prevents the chances of injuries that might result if the head suddenly detaches from the handle. 

The ergonomic design handles of these dumbbells conform to your palm and provide efficient grip. It reduces the strain on the user’s hand by evenly distributing the weight. 

Their hexagonal shape reduces the chance of injuries by preventing accidental rollover which is a common issue in round dumbbells. Their shape is standard so you can use any type of vertical or horizontal rack to store them. 

Conclusively, Yanre Strength’s hex urethane dumbbells are elegantly designed with a comfortable grip handle to provide a comfortable workout experience. It gives versatility in the workout routine and targets all the upper body muscles. 

Key Features:

  • Best quality urethane dumbbells to improve grip strength, body conditioning, and endurance. 
  • Urethane coating does not chip off, is rust-resistant, and is more durable than rubber coating. 
  • Ergonomic design handle to provide a secure and comfortable grip. 
  • Manufactured using heavy-duty cast-iron coated with durable urethane. 
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. 
  • Do not produce a smell. 
  • Available in a variety of weights so a complete set can satisfy the needs of a variety of users. 


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