Premium Rubber Dumbbell


Premium Rubber Dumbbell

The premium rubber used to produce our rubber dumbbell’s impact-resistant casing is long-lasting and will not dry out, fracture, or peel like inferior recycled rubber. The DBRH003 design has a solid steel handle for a sleek, polished appearance. While the knurled handle is ergonomically engineered for a solid but comfortable grip in any grip type.


Rubber Dumbbell Premium Quality


Our premium quality dumbbell has a round head with a perfectly shaped chrome handle. The ergonomic design dumbbells increase the versatility of your exercise and provide maximum impact protection. 

The dumbbell heads are manufactured using rubber plates that are covered in impact-resistant, virgin, and thick rubber. The thickness of the covering protects the inside structure of the dumbbells well as the floor where they are dropped. 

When dumbbells are dropped, impact protection is essential for every gym equipment because it prevents damage to the surrounding equipment and the floor. Besides protection, the thick rubber coating also reduces the noise produced by dumbbells. This feature is important to provide a pleasing environment in the gym. 

Another reason why rubber dumbbells are recommended for a commercial gym is their durable aesthetics. As compared to all other types of dumbbells, rubber dumbbells do not have any paint that might chip off or scratch and no iron that might rust. This feature is especially noticeable in humid and salty environments where iron dumbbells are easily oxidized, whereas dumbbells have no such issues. 

The handles of our dumbbells are designed specifically to distribute weight evenly during heavy presses. Besides, the diamond knurling on handles provides efficient grip while performing bicep curls or lat rows. 

Rubber dumbbells often have an odor when they are manufactured. The intensity of this smell depends on the quality of the rubber. Cheap rubber has a pungent smell that lasts a long time, whereas, quality rubber has a minimum smell that disseminates in a few days. 

This cheap rubber is often manufactured using toxic and dirty fillers, like motor oil. Yanre Strength promises to use quality materials to manufacture rubber dumbbells. Their smell reduces quickly and can be placed in any location that may or may not be ventilated. 

Besides quality heads, we make dumbbell handles with the best quality materials. They have a strong steel core that does not break or bend even after continuous use. Besides superb quality, they have an attractive finish with diamond knurling for a strong grip.

Key Features:

  • Durable rubber-coated dumbbells are used to build muscles and target certain muscle groups. 
  • Best quality rubber that is guaranteed not to crack, peel off, or dry out. 
  • It is also durable and impact-resistant. 
  • Easily cleanable and helps in noise reduction during exercise. 
  • Finish with diamond knurling


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