3 Tier Home Dumbbell Rack


3 Tier Home Dumbbell Rack

3 Tier Home Dumbbell Rack is an accessory where you may store the dumbbells so that it is conveniently accessible while keeping the gym neat. This rack has 3 trays that can handle 10 pairs of different-sized dumbbells. Its strong construction is composed of commercial-grade steel and can withstand heavy loads while resisting damage from prolonged usage.


3 Tier Home Dumbbell Rack

Home Dumbbell Rack Specs

  • Size: 95.6cm * 51cm * 87.5cm
  • Frame for Weight Stack:50*50*2.0 Circle Pipe
  • Weight:1-10kg  or   2.5-30kg 2.5 increment
  • Number of dumbbells:10 pairs
  • Package: Carton


This is a commercial 3 tier dumbbell rack that will provide you with compacted storage for about 10 sets of all-size dumbbells. These dumbbell racks are structurally built to withstand a set of the heaviest dumbbells. Dumbbell saddles have been installed that prevent the dumbbells from being rolled around the trays. This will ensure it is not disorganized. 

The dumbbells can stay where they should be and not twist because of the dumbbell cradles. The convenient design of the shelf eliminates the edges, this ensures that no damage is done to the dumbbells, hands, or fingers. You are provided with a secure base which allows for a support structure that is very stable. With strong steel framing, the dumbbell racks can easily manage a rack full of dumbbells. 

Our HM-181 dumbbell rack is made from premium quality, heavy-duty steel that ensures maximum durability and strength. The racks’ measurements are 95.6 centimeters long, 51 centimeters deep, and 87,5 centimeters high. This rack is easily assembled and features a unique finish of matte black that allows it to have a clean look for many years. 

By protecting the users and the equipment, one of the features of the rack is having the saddles encased in rubber and a raid divider in the center which prevents any dumbbells from coming loose, sliding, or injuring a user’s hand when misplaced. 

This commercial 3 tier dumbbell rack would be perfect to use by commercial gym owners who have many sets of dumbbells that they would like to put in the smallest available footprint.

Key Features:

  • Dumbbell cradles that are anchored. 
  • Convenient shelving design
  • Edges are not sharp 
  • Secured base
  • Steel tubing that is heavy gauge 
  • Assembly not required. Completely welded for long-lasting maximum stability 
  • Dumbbells of any weight or size are compatible 
  • Dumbbell saddles are encased in protective rubber 
  • Completely welded
  • Low maintenance 
  • The frame will not come apart or loosen
  • Commercial grade quality can introduce to all environments
  • Impact reduced by dumbbell saddles, and they are kept organized 
  • The forward sitting bottom tier allows for heavier dumbbells to be accessed easily


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