Adjustable Dumbbell


Adjustable Dumbbell

Adjustable dumbbells provide multiple weight options out of a single dumbbell. ADD-16  does not require a lot of storage space, which makes them perfect if you want to save space in your commercial gym. This adjustable dumbbell also features a knurled handle, anti-slip and comfortable grip. 


Adjustable Dumbbell


  • Fast weight change of the turntable
  • 12 levels of weight adjustment
  • Turntable shows both pound and kilogram
  • Built-in silicon steel sheet outsourcing high-strength nylon


Adjustable dumbbells are a great way to add free weights to a workout routine without needing much storage space.

Yanre Fitness makes versatile & ergonomic dumbbell sets. They provide many weight adjustments options with a single dumbbell. 

They are also compact, space-saving & almost odorless.

Our adjustable dumbbells are suitable for all kinds of home gyms & individual users. They will fulfill all the fitness requirements with comfort & efficiency.

The users can get a total-body workout routine by working on the muscles of the upper limb, back, & legs.

Yanre Fitness’s adjustable dumbbell sets have a silicon-steel construction for durability. It keeps the noise level at a minimum & protects the gym flooring, as well. The weight plates are stackable, making them compact & easy to store when not in use.

Our dumbbell sets now include an extra connecting rod that will convert them into a barbell set. It allows the users to have a more versatile & adaptable product experience.

We have made adjustments to the length of the grip, as well, for a more secure & comfortable hold.

Adjustable dumbbell sets by Yanre Fitness are innovative & compact. They are a must for any successful workout routine.

Key Features:

  • The knurling on the handle promotes a secure & firm hold. It also gives the dumbbells a more professional look.
  • These dumbbells are the ideal accessory for working on the upper limb, shoulders, & leg muscles.
  • They add to the muscle strength, balance, & coordination with ease.
  • Sturdy weight plates with a cast-iron construction & straight chrome-coated handles for durability.
  • Suitable for use in home gym set-ups.
  • Quick turntable weight adjustment during use.
  • There are 12-levels of weight adjustment that add to the versatility.
  • The users can see the weight on both sides of the turntable in pounds & kilograms.
  • The fitted silicone sheet outsources heavy-duty nylon.

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