Urethane round head dumbbell (CPU)


Urethane round head dumbbell (CPU)

Urethane round head dumbbells (CPU) are constructed with high-quality molded polyurethane round heads. When compared to ordinary rubber, this material is more durable and less likely to crack or break. It is also gentle on the gym flooring and emits less odor. In order to improve grip, DBC002 features knurled handles that provide anti-slip characteristics to the hands of the users. Additionally, they can enhance the safety of user’s workouts and offer a nice, constant feel during sets.


Urethane round head dumbbell (CPU)


  • CPU urethane round Dumbbells weight head is attached to the handle with a threaded nut and welded.
  • Chrome handles resist chipping, flaking, peeling, and corrosion.
  • Medium grade knurling for a secure, comfortable gripping surface.
  • Weight heads are pressed onto handle and welded extremely.
  • High tear strength rating makes it resistant to tearing and damage.
  • Look and feel much smoother and are much easier to clean than rubber.


Yanre Fitness has the highest quality urethane 10-sided dumbbells that are best in performance. Our gym accessories are top-quality and provide the best user experience with durability. 

Our black-colored dumbbell heads have soft urethane that is glued with a solid core of steel. The numbers are mentioned in gray colors and can be easily read. These dumbbells do not rot and do not have a bad smell. 

These dumbbells have been made to withstand high gym performance and do not get damaged as compared to other dumbbells. 

The special shapes of their outer and inner spheres make them ergonomically easy to use when the user holds them. Their strong handles have been plated with chrome and come with very precise knurling. These handles make a perfect grip on any hand. 

You will be able to differentiate the dumbbells of Yanre Fitness right when you hold them for the first time. They have anti-slip hand-lock technology that makes these dumbbells one of their kinds in the gym industry. This feature makes them perfect for the users while they move these dumbbells up and down repeatedly. 

The plates of these dumbbells are made of premium-grade steel that has been covered with high-quality Cast Polyurethane (CPU) which increases their durability and toughness. Their frost surface feels softer while holding. They go easy on the floor when dropped and do not make much noise.  

They come in multiple weights to be chosen from. They have enhanced safety features like a double nut that does not let it loose easily. The users can also rotate them easily, which adds to their overall convenience. The grip of these dumbbell bars has been made with high-grade steel that is chrome-coated for further grip comfort. 

They also feature an anti-slip design that does not let these dumbbells slip away from hands due to natural sweating. They promise excellent support, grip, strength, and durability. They also do not occupy much space. They are an ideal choice for users who perform regular exercises at home or the gym. 

Key Features:

  • Odorless, durable, and solid design with long-lasting paint. 
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Space-saving and can be stored easily.
  • Chrome-coated handles to provide solid and comfortable hand grips. Stable and durable. The grip remains firm even after long use. 
  • Anti-slip and wear-resistant technology. 


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