Urethane Kettlebell


Urethane Kettlebell

Urethane Kettlebell is coated in the best quality of polyurethane for optimum durability and resistance to wear and moisture. The urethane is not only strong, but it also absorbs shock that protects both the kettlebell and the floor. In addition, KBC001 have strong chromed steel handles with a smooth texture to decrease friction and avoid blisters during high-rep training.


Urethane Kettlebell


We offer the best quality urethane kettlebells at affordable rates. Our kettlebells are finely coated to protect them from getting damaged and make sure they last long. That’s why the factors like moisture and abrasion do not affect them much. 

Owing to urethane, these kettlebells also can absorb shocks. Consequently, the protection of equipment and gym floor is also ensured. 

Other benefits of PU (Polyurethane) coating are that it does not have a bad smell and it also helps reduce noise when these plates collide with each other during the exercise. 

The handles of our high-quality PU kettlebells are steel-chromed and are finely made to prevent friction and blisters due to their soft surface. The handles are coated with matte black powder to provide a smooth grip. It also ensures that the coating is not chipped off so easily as compared to paint. 

We also add proper weight identifying numbers to help users choose the weight of their choice. We can offer the best and unique urethane kettlebells because they are made by top fitness experts. 

The Urethane kettlebells that we offer are multifaceted and can be adapted very easily by any user. It will be a great addition to your training place in terms of look, style, and firmness. The kettlebells, especially those coated with urethane are must-haves for a commercial gym, fitness centres, military training facilities, and similar places. 

Key Features:

  • The fine and soft chromed handles ensure that blisters and friction are prevented. 
  • Every kettlebell is finely coated with high-quality polyurethane along with a soft surface that optimizes shock absorption and protects it from getting scratched and corroded. 
  • Avoiding a bad smell is one of the urethane qualities. 
  • Horns and handles are coated with fine powder. 
  • The seams of the handles are smooth enough to ensure a firm grip on the ground and smooth finishing. 
  • The presence of premium cast iron ensures it is more durable and lasts for a very long time.
  • The colour codes are properly mentioned to make it easy for the users to identify them. 
  • The weight numbers are mentioned in large fonts so that they can be identified from a distance as well. 
  • We don’t use caps, stickers, or inserts while manufacturing them. So, our kettlebells are pretty much free of maintenance.

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