Plyo Soft Box


Plyo Soft Box

Plyo Soft Box is completely stackable and may be used together to increase box height. Just simply stack one on top of another and secure them together with the Velcro straps. The heavy-duty foam structure of FPB02 absorbs pressure and lowers the danger of harm. Moreover, when it comes to taking care of plyo soft box, the cover cab be simply removed for cleaning and washing.


Plyo Soft Box


The plyo softbox from Yanre Fitness promotes leg strength. It is often used by professional athletes and trainers to increase upright jumping abilities. It can also be used for different cardiovascular workouts. 

The soft but firm shell has a covering that prevents banging and bruising. Which are caused by hard boxes while given the stability which is required to perform routines. 

It is a favorite tool that is used to perform different exercises. These exercises include squad lunges, box jumps, etc, and are free of injuries because the surface is non-slip.  

Most beginner athletes are usually concerned about the injury when performing box jumps. Having this concern usually demotivates a user to push their workouts to the limit. 

This is due to being afraid of self-injury. However, with the amazing features that are offered by our plyo softbox, it will help an athlete to push themselves past their fears. Having a non-slip feature is more than enough for performing plyometric workouts. It decreases injuries aside from being soft. 

Plyo soft box prevents accidental slipping while it reduces the risk of injury. It also absorbs pressure while it protects the box.  Because of the quality construction, it is quite capable of holding and absorbing heavy pressure. 

It offers safety and support during intense exercise routines. Performance is improved with HIIT and CrossFit workouts. Also offering different types of plyometric workouts such as step-ups, box dips, box jumps, and some more. 

Key Features:

  • Providing balance and stability
  • Lightweight, able to carry anywhere around the fitness facility
  • Made with high-density foam ensuring comfort and durability
  • The core is made of strong foam construction with soft material. It ensures a softer landing and minimizes joint stress to reduce injuries.
  • Great for different types of exercises such as split squats, step-ups, hip thrusts. Also push-ups, and explosive jumps are for more intense training routines.


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