Gym Floor—GMR Series


Gym Floor—GMR Series

This Gym Flooring Rolls is made from premium quality materials that protect surfaces from dents, scratches, wear, and spills. It features superior underfoot comfort and support to absorb impact from various exercises and activities. Moreover, gym flooring rolls are extremely simple and easy to install in gym and fitness facilities.


Gym Floor – GMR Series


The aesthetics of a gym are as important as the quality of gym equipment and accessories. Use Gym floor – GMR series by Yanre Strength to give a refreshing look to your gym and ensure maximum customer retention. 

Our GMR Series rubber tiles give a warm and pleasant feel to your gym and protect the gym floor from the impact of heavy-weight equipment. Every gym must have them in the area where dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, or any other type of free weights are used. 

Besides the protection and aesthetics, rubber tiles give your gym a cleaner look since it perfectly hides the debris and dust. Therefore, you will need to mop and clean the floor less frequently. 

They serve as a protective layer for the gym floor as well as the equipment. Ranging from home gyms to commercial gyms, they are an important accessory. 

Rubber tiles are a “loose lay” flooring type that does not require adhesives. Therefore, you can easily move them whenever needed. This feature saves gym owners hundreds of dollars in terms of flooring material and installation charges. 

Yanre Strength’s gym flooring tiles are popular in commercial gyms, yoga studios, and training centers all around the world. Its high shock absorbance and resilience make it suitable for gym areas where free weights are dropped such as weight stacks, dumbbells, weight plates, kettlebells, and barbells. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to install 
  • Versatile 
  • Comfortable and protective flooring 
  • Water-resistant and durable 
  • Provides cushioning effect 

Benefits of Gym Floor – GMR Series 

  1. The durable, patterned, and non-slip rubber tiles protect the floor and provide a comfortable and pleasant workout area. 
  2. Lightweight tiles can be assembled and disassembled easily 
  3. Requires minimum storage space 
  4. Easy to clean, water-resistant, noise absorbent, rubber tiles are ideal for home gyms, children’s play areas, commercial gyms, and garages. 
  5. Wipe with a cloth to clean and air dry. 
  6. Manufactured using non-toxic materials to avoid the risk of allergies. 

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