Aerobic Step


Aerobic Step

This aerobic stepper provides users with a safe and non-slip surface for their fitness routines.ST110CPE may be adjusted to different height levels based on your needs. It also caters to users of all fitness levels, assisting in the development of strength and endurance.


Aerobic Stepper


Aerobic Stepper is a versatile gym accessory used for balancing exercises. It challenges the user’s strength and also gives a rebound effect. Yanre Strength’s aerobic stepper is manufactured using polyethylene foam blend materials. 

It is a horizontal platform used for unilateral training as well as a variety of dynamic movements. The absence of any mechanical components makes it an ideal rehabilitation product. Especially for people recovering from injuries in their foot, knee, ankle, shoulders, and hip. In addition to that, it is also a great warm-up tool for athletes and weightlifters. 

The aerobic stepper is used for both upper and lower body movements. It helps in a speedy recovery and everyday body conditioning. In a medical setting, it has proved beneficial for people having neurological disorders. It helps them in enhancing body movements and perfecting their feet grip. 

Our aerobic stepper is a professional training tool with commercial quality components. Its wide platform with a perfect height is manufactured to give you a comfortable training experience. 

It is used for a variety of purposes such as cardiovascular fitness, burning fat, and synchronous body coordination. Although it targets the whole body, its major target muscle groups are thighs and hips. Unlike many other gym accessories, you do not need to assemble our aerobic stepper. They are ready to use straight out of the box. 

Our aerobic steps are designed with a 3-level adjustable height. This allows the user to gradually increase the height without the need for any other accessory. 

Our durable and sturdy aerobic stepper has a weight-bearing capacity of approximately 330 pounds. The stepping surface has a non-skid pattern to prevent sliding. Whereas, the bottom side features a non-slip base to prevent slipping. These characteristics reduce the chance of injuries and provide a safe workout experience. 

Key Features:

  • Commercial quality material
  • 3-level adjustable stack design 
  • A perfect tool for cardiovascular fitness 
  • Wide stepping surface 

Benefits of Aerobic Stepper:

  • The high weight-bearing capacity allows the user to perform extraneous exercises. 
  • Provides a secure workout experience due to non-slip design 
  • Manufactured using environmentally friendly and durable material
  • Used for cardiovascular training, weight loss, strength and interval training, aerobic exercises 


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