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Workout Tire


Workout Tire


Yanre Fitness’ workout tire is more welcoming than intimidating. It is better than the rubber tires available in strength competitions. They come in different sizes and various weights; therefore, this tire’s strength is perfect. It is the best power and stamina accessory for beginners and also great for seasonal athletes.

When working out, certain moves or routines will allow a feeling of being invincible. Because it is so versatile, it can be added to any workout routine as an end to workouts. It is tough enough that many calories can be lost during workouts. Cardio can also be sneaked into workouts, making it worthwhile.

Having a smaller tire that is lighter can make the workouts easier. Most gyms and CrossFit boxes have workout tires. Doing tire flips is good exercise for athletes that have gained a large amount of muscle mass. 

It is imminent to be sure of the correct muscle strength required to flip tires before using them. It will help to prevent injuries. The average person cannot flip a heavy tire approximately 3-5 times.  

The workout tires from Yanre Fitness are new-age fitness tires. Imagine a regular tractor tire made as a space-saving single workout tire offering dynamic strength options. Yanre Fitness introduces innovative technology to the material market of workout tires. 

The benefits and features of this unique new design will minimize operating costs and maximize the investment return. Yanre Fitness’ workout tires provide higher productivity with improved traction and are equally effective in all directions.  

Key Features:

  • Stable, durable, pure, and safer while exercising
  • Weights can be adjusted, more convenient and the load can increase as needed.
  • Multiple options are available for tire exercises, such as front squats, jump squats, flip overs, weighted leg presses, etc.
  • Efficiently burns fat and improves explosive force, also improves endurance.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic material, harmless
  • The ground compact is less because the tread is uniquely designed on harder surfaces, the pressure is also reduced. 


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