Urethane round-head straight bar (fixed weight)


Urethane round-head straight bar (fixed weight)


Urethane round head barbell fixed weight straight


We manufacture high-quality urethane round head barbells. With zero maintenance, these barbells are suitable for fitness centers and commercial gyms. 

Using these barbells is relatively convenient, as you don’t need to add or remove the weight plates. You can perform a range of exercises including curls, lunges, and presses.

Our urethane round-head barbells consist of chrome bars with a knurled pattern. The fixed weights have a metal core. These weights have a polyurethane coating. 

Lifters can choose a fixed weight barbell and start their workout. Due to its compact design, you can easily navigate through tight spaces including the free-weight areas.

In addition, the knurled pattern on the handles offers an improved and secure grip. Hence, you can lift the weight with confidence. These knurls also offer a consistent and comfortable feel when doing a workout.

The straight bar increases the torque amount, which helps you to keep your arms straight. You can also move them according to your workout needs. 

As always, you can count on our commitment to offer durable and superior quality gym equipment.  We choose top-quality polyurethane for coating these fixed-weight barbells. 

No doubt, polyurethane is a sturdy material. It reduces the chances of cracks. Due to its impact-resistant nature, urethane coating also protects gym floors. Besides, this material releases less odor.

Key Features:

  • Commercial-grade round-headed barbell for clubs, gyms, and Functional Training boxes
  • Doesn’t need maintenance. The sturdy durable steel bars are fixed with the heads via hydraulically press-fit. 
  • Each head receives a coating of high-quality urethane, which is an impact-resistant material. It has a low odor.
  •  These barbells don’t show cracks. They also avoid any kind of damage to the equipment and gym floor.
  • Straight bars activate the biceps and they also offer an ergonomic grip
  • These barbells make relatively less noise
  • Each barbell head has a weight size mentioned on it, which doesn’t fade 
  • Urethane protects these barbells even under tough gym environments


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