Training Cones


Training Cones


Training Cones 


Yanre Strength’s training cones are manufactured using hard plastic. They are molded in a single piece using high-quality PE plastic. Moreover, they are excellent for agility drills, jumping, quickness, and speed. 

It has a stable and wide square base that increases its stability on a variety of floors such as laminated hardwood, turf, rubber, or concrete. They are colored in bright colors such as orange to make them recognizable from a long distance. 

They are an excellent indoor gym accessory because they do not scuff or leave marks on the floor. Whether you are working to improve reaction time, direction change, or foot speed, these agility markers are an affordable and effective training tool. They can be set up in multiple patterns to accomplish a variety of goals. 

Multiple drills are used in cone training to improve performance in sports such as volleyball, baseball, soccer, basketball, and many more. Front hops, side weave, forward weave, 4-corner diagonal shuttle runs, 4-corner box shuttle runs, side-to-side shuttle runs, staggering shuttle, cone alley, run-shuffle-run, L-drills, shuffle cone, and X-pattern are some of the many exercises performed using a training cone. 

They feature a square base that makes them stable. The corners of the square base are rounded for safety. Even if the user walks over them, they can retain their shape quickly. 

These training cones are manufactured using the best quality material that makes them tough and durable. You can leave them in foggy, sunny, rainy, or snowy environments. They are a perfect tool for training, sporting, and gaming events. Besides their usage, they are an excellent prop for construction-style party themes. 

Key Features:

  • Manufactured using hard PE plastic
  • Single-piece construction
  • Can be stackable for storage and portability
  • Excellent for outdoor and indoor activities
  • Stable and wide square base
  • Do not leave marks on hardwood floors. 


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