Speed Jump Rope


Speed Jump Rope

Speed jump rope is built for quick and intensive rope training. It has a rapid reflex straight handle that is ergonomically intended to improve the user’s grip and comfort while reducing wrist and forearm strain during exercise. To increase comfort, the handle of JR2406 is constructed of metal and wrapped in lightweight foam.


Speed Jump Rope


The speed jump ropes by Yanre Fitness serve as a great choice for intense and quick rope training. It comes with a straight and quick reflex handle. The ergonomic design of this jump rope provides a strong and comfortable grip. 

Due to this design feature, the forearm and wrist experience less fatigue. For extended durability, we have used CNC aluminum for making the handles. 

Besides, the presence of lightweight and durable foam also increases the comfort level. This particular speed rope features superior quality ball bearings. Hence, users can expect extraordinary performance, speed, and maneuverability. 

Another amazing feature of the Yanre speed jump rope is its tangle-free design. So, users don’t need to untangle their rope every time before using it. 

With its non-slip and elastic design, this rope stands among the fastest ropes available on the market. In addition, it also serves as an ideal jump rope for beginners. 

This is all due to the ease of rotation and smooth handle design of this jump rope. As a result, a beginner can also use this jump rope as a professional athlete. 

A lot of people are joining fitness centers and gyms to lose weight and tone up their bodies. However, by using just a jump rope, users can also perform an extensive workout.

With this jump rope, users can burn their calories at a much faster pace. This is a great accessory for Boxing, MMA, and cross-training workouts. We construct jump ropes with top-quality materials, which ensure better speed and durability. 

The ball bearings used in these jump ropes are resistant to dust. As a result, they will experience perfect stability and durability. The 360°rotation of this rope makes it easy to jump over it at a fast pace.

It is a great choice for speed improvement. Our jump rope is suitable for all types of users. Hence, they can strengthen their legs and tone other body parts.

Key Features:

  • Handles made with high-quality CVC aluminum 
  • Tangle-free jump rope
  • Suitable for strength training and toning

Benefits of using Speed Jump Rope:

Following are the topmost advantages of using a speed jump rope.

  1. Helps to improve the speed, power, strength, and endurance
  2. Get fitter, stronger, and leaner
  3. A great choice for novice/high-level trainers


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