Slam Ball


Slam Ball


Slam Ball


This slam ball by Yanre Fitness helps to increase strength and build muscles. These balls are not ordinary medicine balls or slammer balls. On the contrary, gym members can use these balls for performing extensive slam ball exercises. 

Sometimes, athletes and trainers prefer slam balls as an alternative to kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells. With this gym accessory, users can easily perform resistance-based or slamming exercises.

In order to use this ball, the user must slam it hard on a tough surface like asphalt or concrete. This allows performing slamming exercises while standing or sitting on the knees.

By using slam balls of different weights, users can improve their strength. Following are the popular slam ball workouts:

  • Slams
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Single-leg V-ups
  • Kneel to push-ups 

Besides, it is also possible to perform a variety of other stretching or strength training workouts. Using slam balls of varying weights is an effective great way to perform core and plyometric training. 

No doubt, slam balls offer variable resistance for boxing, Functional Training, baseball, basketball, and football. These balls also prove to be highly effective for enhancing core strength. 

A slam ball serves as the best companion for functional and circuit training. Gym members can easily include slamming workouts into their current fitness regimen. This will ensure a full-body workout that is balanced and intense.

In addition, slam ball workouts can also help to train the cardiovascular system. Apart from boosting endurance and strength, these workouts help the users to improve their aerobic capacity. 

On the other hand, performing a cardio workout with slam balls can improve blood circulation. As a result, the body will experience more power and energy. 

The Yanre Fitness slam balls are sturdy and durable. These balls come with a non-slip and textured surface. This ensures a secure and comfortable grip. Therefore, making them one of the best gym accessories.

Key Features:

  • Suitable option for core strength and regular fitness workouts
  • This slam ball allows building massive strength
  • It offers little or no-bounce, which allows repeated slamming
  • Offers weight resistance through a variety of motions
  • The anti-slip and textured surface ensures a better grip


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