Rubber round-head straight bar (fixed weight)


Rubber round-head straight bar (fixed weight)


Rubber Round Head Barbell Fixed Weight Straight 


Do your clients hate changing plates on a barbell? Forget about it with our fixed weight round rubber barbells. With our fixed weight barbells they would select a weight, pick it, and exercise until they are tired. There is no need for loading collars or plates or any other equipment. 

This versatile gym accessory looks small but offers multiple exercise options and helps the user in achieving their gym goals. Its medium-knurled handles give a balanced roughness and smoothness, necessary for a strong grip. 

The weights are precisely calibrated to give the required exercise intensity in forearms in every row, curl, pull, and press. Our fixed-weight barbells are manufactured using steel and have a chrome finish. The protective rubber cap gives the ultimate exercise experience at an affordable price. 

It is designed with dead bounce technology that keeps the barbell in place when they are dropped. This feature protects the user, floor, and nearby equipment. 

As compared to recycled rubber bumpers, our fixed-weight barbells are compact and an accessory worth keeping in your commercial gym. They also have a heavy-gauge steel insert that remains stable even after continuous rigorous use. 

Our round head rubber barbells are designed and tested for usability and strength. It is molded with a virgin rubber compound which offers maximum durability.

To extend their lifespan, our engineers have elevated the rubber hardness as compared to the industry standards. It ensures that our barbells last a long time and reduce the “taco” effect that is noticed commonly in low-quality recycled bumpers. 

Key Features:

  • Manufactured using excellent quality steel, coated with chrome. 
  • Best quality rubber with dead bounce feature that is durable and better than any plates available at this price. 
  • Little to no maintenance is required. Have steel bars that are hydraulically pressed into heads and deeply welded to attain maximum durability. 
  • Reduced noise production as compared to iron or steel barbells.
  • Large-sized numbers are visible from a long distance, making it easier to recognize the weight. 
  • Chrome coating prevents corrosion in harsh and humid environments. 
  • Excellent accessory for overall muscle building and body strengthening.


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