Rubber Bumper Plates


Rubber Bumper Plates

Rubber Bumper Plates feature a sturdy steel ring insert to provide greater control and prevent the plates from sliding. BРR002 can be used to perform muscle strengthening exercises, endurance training, and other activities that can improve physical fitness. These plates are simple to load and unload onto any Olympic-style bar. Also, Impact is evenly distributed due to the slim, equal diameter.


Rubber Bumper Plates


  •  Premium rubber encased, minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the plates themselves.
  •  Low bounce and snug fit on the bar.
  • The high-quality cast iron and rubber coating design ensure extreme durability and quality.
  • te can withstand. Good bumper manufacturers will have such tests and data on their website.


The design of bumper plates makes them an ideal option for HIIT, Olympic weightlifting, and cross-training exercises. These plates are extensively durable. The 10 lb. bumper plates are 1” thick. The extra thickness makes them sturdy and minimizes the chances of damage. Besides, the 45 lb. bumper plates are relatively thinner, which allows you to load more weight.

These plates are suitable for Olympic lift training. The lifter can easily drop the bar once the lift is complete or missed. Even if you accidentally drop the bar, it won’t harm the flooring, other equipment, or the bar itself.

In order to take good care of the bumper plates, make sure to place them in the open air for a few days. Besides, you can enhance the lifespan of these plates by dropping them as straight as possible. This suggests that if the bar collar loses its grip, you should tight it immediately. It will ensure that your plates always stay straight when landing. In addition, the plates will experience less sideways force.

On the other hand, you must think about laying 4×6 rubber mats in the weight lifting area. These heavy-duty rubber mats will absorb maximum impact. This in turn will increase the lifespan of your bumper plates.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy construction and superior design 
  • The molded steel inserts come with hooks 
  • The steel inserts make bumper plates more durable when compared with brass inserts
  • Our 10 lb. plates are extraordinarily thick and don’t bend
  • Unlike recycled bumper plates, our plates ensure low bounce when dropped
  • You can load 515lbs of our bumper plates on a reasonable quality Olympic bar
  • Rigorously tested by dropping these plates from a height of 8 ft. The process is repeated for 12,000 drops
  • Preferred by commercial gym owners throughout the world


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