Medicine Ball


Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are rubber bounce back balls with a textured, deeply grooved patterned surface that offers an aesthetic and gripping surface. It gives a superior stable and strong grip on the ball throughout the exercises, even with sweaty hands. MB01 helps in developing strength, aerobic endurance, and explosive power.


Medicine Ball


The medicine ball by Yanre Fitness is a versatile gym accessory, which serves as a multipurpose training device. Trainers can use a medicine ball either in their training studio or in the gym. 

It helps to condition the overall body. Some other benefits of medicine ball workouts include cardio conditioning, muscle toning, and increased strength.

Ball slam is an effective workout that a user can perform with the help of a medicine ball. It allows concentrating on the core and lowering back. 

The medicine ball workouts are not only simple, but they also prove to be quite effective. Anyone can use these balls, irrespective of fitness level or age. 

Yanre Fitness medicine balls have a compact design, which makes them easy to store. Gym owners can also use weighted medicine ball racks. It would also help them to manage all their medicine balls without any hassle.

Gym members can use these balls for performing a range of workouts, including:

  • Pilates
  • Fitness & cardio
  • Strength 
  • core conditioning 
  • Lower/upper body workouts 
  • Rehabilitation

Besides, if the users are not comfortable with the dumbbells, it is possible to replace them with medicine balls. These balls allow building arm strength by holding a weighted ball. 

The ergonomic design of this ball helps to grip it securely. It perfectly fits in the hand and reduces the chances of slipping. 

In addition to serving as a perfect replacement for dumbbells and kettlebells, this ball also helps to activate variable muscle groups. Medicine ball is suitable for strength, balance, and flexibility workouts. 

Users can introduce variable resistance and challenges to their regular workout routine. This helps to stimulate the muscles, making them more stabilized and controlled. With these balls, a gym member can target multiple muscles simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • Made with top quality and durable rubber 
  • Capable of bouncing off at tough surfaces
  • Allows to perform a variety of workouts
  • Medicine balls can help to perform strength exercises more effectively
  • Enhances the fitness level both in terms of endurance and strength 
  • Textured surface offers a sturdy grip


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