Hi-Temp/ Crumbs Plates With Color Number


Hi-Temp/ Crumbs Plates With Color Number


Hi-Temp / Crumbs Plates


The Hi-Temp/Crumbs Plates have color-coded numbered sizes for the users to identify the weights easily even when they are far. These premium-quality bumper plates are manufactured using refurbished crumb rubber. The material of the crumb rubber is similar to that of the solidified rubber mats used for deadlifting. 

The crumb rubber is derived from used tires of trucks and cars that are majorly thrown in junkyards. To be completely vulcanized, the worn-out tires are cleaned out and transformed into granules of rubber. They are then precast in heated zones and pressurized after that. A process known as vulcanization makes rubber far tougher and more resistant to tearing than it was originally.

The reprocessed bumper plates made from rubber are dependable and they fit in variable exercise settings like boxes for Functional Training, weight rooms in schools, and sports utilities premises. Our solidified mix of recast granules of rubber forms a sturdy enduring bumper plate and performs well without much bounce. 

To make the bumper plates stronger, a central hub made from hard stainless steel is used. It keeps the plate corrosion-free.

Usually, while purchasing anything from the shop, the users won’t pick up the product, throw it on the ground, slam it multiple times, and beat it. On the contrary, a bumper plate goes through all this regularly. 

The bumper plates must be sturdy enough to bear all the beating they get while in use, else investing in them may not be worth it. Every hi-temp/crumb plate goes under recycling, molding, and testing for the best performance and durability to the consumers. 

Key Features:

  • The refurbished rubber plates are produced for users who prefer eco-friendly
    material. These plates are made from recycled rubber taken from the junkyards across the nation and processed into totally new crumb plates for everyone’s use. 
  • Robust crumb rubber obtained from the old truck and car tires.
  • Temperatures as high as over 200 degrees are generated to heat the crumb
    rubber and mold it through the pressure of more than 200 tons till the time it is
    vulcanized to gain better ductile strength and damage resilience. 
  • Every plate has color-coded numbers molded into it.  
  • The plates are black except for the numbers on them.
  • When being used for Olympic lifting, the plates protect the health club’s floors.
    The users can get deadlift mats and other accessories for the durability of the plates. 
  • The plates help in intensive workouts by minimizing vibration and sound. 
  • They don’t rebound much.


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