Hex Bar 56

HEX 56

Hex Bar 56


HEX 56


The Yanre Fitness Hex 56 Bar serves as an alternative to a conventional barbell. With an open-box, this bar makes it easy to perform deadlifts. In addition, it allows performing a variety of upper and lower body workouts. 

It’s a suitable choice for heavy weightlifters who are in the habit of using a sturdy weightlifting bar. This particular bar consists of high-quality steel. The wide dimension design ensures a full range of motion. 

The Hex 56 Bar comes with ergonomically designed handles that are raised to offer a comfortable and secure grip. There is an aggressive knurl pattern on each handle. It offers a tight grip when lifting heavy weights. 

You can flip the bar to start lifting the weights from either a low or a high point. This bar comes with the handle placement of a regular and high hex bar. This offers maximum versatility. 

Key Features:

  • With the availability of raised and ergonomically designed handles, picking up weight from the ground is easy. This design helps to minimize the stress on your back and hands.
  • This bar proves to be a suitable choice for deadlifts and shrugs.
  • The positioning of high and low handles offers a neutral grip, which ensures both comfort and performance.
  • Aggressive knurling pattern offers a perfect grip for extensive weightlifting sessions
  • Maximum plate-loading capacity
  • Viable choice for heavy lifters who want to put less stress on their back
  • Due to its hexagon shape, this bar has a secure center that is essential for strength training
  • Its unique design helps to keep the weight distributed. As a result, the chances of injury are quite low.
  • The Hex 56 bar is suitable for both men and women.
  • Sturdy construction makes it a great choice for commercial as well as personal use
  • Compatible with weight plates with a 2-inch diameter. Hence, this bar allows lifting variable weights. So, you can perform a wide range of workouts including deadlifts, squats, power pulls, or shrugs.


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