Gym Floor


Gym Floor

Gym Floor is a non-skid textured foam padding that can be used in the commercial gym or any fitness center flooring that needs extra cushioning. EM1000 assembly is fast and simple because of its jigsaw design. Simply connect edges together and easily assemble and disassemble the tiles around whenever you need.


Gym Floor


Your gym floor cannot get better than the flooring solution provided by Yanre Fitness. Our interlocking gym floor has 4 sides and you can install them very easily. It is quite easy to maintain them as well. 

They are durable, have a long life, and are eco-friendly. You can use them anywhere in your home including a garage, basement, and workshop. They can be used in commercial gyms as well. 

They are carefully developed using lead and EVA foam of high density that are free from substances like latex. They also do not have a harmful smell. They have a very pleasant feel to stand or walk over them. 

These tiles that are made of EVA foam turn your hard and rough floors into soft and pleasant looking surfaces. These mats are slip-resistant and are ideal choices to protect your floor from getting damaged from the weight of the gym equipment and weight falls, etc. 

The best part about these interlocking tiles is that you can join them to make a floor of any length or width very easily. They are easily removable too, making them highly portable. You can disassemble them very easily so that you can store or move anywhere with ease and comfort. 

No special maintenance is required to protect these mats. You only need a piece of cloth to wipe them clean if there are any spillages. You can also use warm water with soap to wipe them clean and allow them to dry. This will give them a new look without putting in much effort. 

Turn your rough and uneven floors into smooth, cosy, and warm floors with a stylish look for any purpose including heavy exercises. Now you can go for stretches and core workouts without worries with our exclusive baby mats. 

These mats also have a special feature of absorbing shocks, making them ideal for exercises like push-ups and pilates. 

Key Features:

  • The use of non-toxic material makes it safe and friendly for the environment. 
  • These mats are quite lightweight and also have special features like absorbing shocks, insulating heat, and resisting water. 
  • These mats are ideal for floor protection and can avoid getting it scratched. You can also wash and reuse them again. 
  • The surface of these mats is soft enough to be used in a fitness room, baby room, and gym.

Benefits of using Gym Floors

  • It protects your floor from getting damaged because of scratches, dents, sweating, noise, dents, and knocks, etc. 
  • They have multipurpose uses such as a garage, baby room, fitness places, basement, workplace, or under gym equipment. 
  • They are long-lasting and have anti-corrosive and antibacterial properties making them safe to use. They also don’t have a bad smell that can harm your health. 


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