Fitness Hex Agility Ladder


Fitness Hex Agility Ladder

Fitness Hex Agility Ladder is constructed to improve and practice plyometrics, footwork, and agility. AL02 is made with a highly visible hex ladder design for sports training, personal health, and other purposes. Users can create customized agility exercises or tiny jumping obstacles to improve verticals.


Hex Agility Ladder


  • Description: Fitness Hex Agility Ladder
  • Material: PP
  • Length: 6-rung long
  • Color: orange, yellow
  • N.W.: 1.2kg


Gone are the days for standard agility ladders. Switch to our hex agility ladders and create multiple layouts for efficient training. Finding a workout that perfectly suits your requirements can be a stressful job. But this is not the case when you have a hex agility ladder that makes your exercise fun and engaging while burning fat side by side. 

It is a necessary tool for people who are looking to improve their coordination, foot speed, and agility. In short, all the characteristics that make one fast in any sport can be achieved using an agility ladder. 

Yanre Strength hex ladder is a durable and versatile gym accessory that may be modified to create a variety of patterns to improve the efficiency of your workout. It is specifically used to focus on foot speed. It may be constructed as an agility ladder to challenge the reaction and direction speed or as a speed ladder to increase speed. 

Our agility ladder is a multipurpose tool. It can be used for footwork, agility, plyometric exercises, and vertical jumping exercises. 

Key Features:

  • Manufactured using non-slip, commercial quality recycled rubber that minimizes tripping hazard. 
  • Comes with a bag that allows you to take the hex ladder anywhere you want. The bag is manufactured using sweat resistance polyester material. It has a mesh on the top and a strap to carry the bag. It allows you to easily carry the ladder outdoor and indoor or from one training place to another. 
  • Hexes of an agility ladder can be joined together or snapped apart with ease. It allows you to create different patterns for agility workouts or small jumping obstacles to improve verticals.
  • A perfect tool for tennis, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, any other sport, and boot camps, obstacle courses, gym usage, and home training. 

Our hex ladder is an excellent piece of equipment for agility exercises that allows the trainer to efficiently train for any type of sport. It builds up their skills and confidence. It can be used for a variety of exercises such as push-ups, squat jumps, vertical jumps, burpees, tuck jumps, and general body fitness. 


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