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Barbell Pad


Barbell Pad


A barbell might look like a simple piece of equipment used in gyms but that is not the case. Olympic barbells are the most standard barbells used. They weigh about forty-five pounds. The bars are made of metal and can take more weight making them heavier. 

Weightlifting is usually practiced by using a barbell. Pressure to the neck, hips, and upper back is added when weight is increased. Workouts are then more painful and less enjoyable. 

Having a workout that is not comfortable can have a negative impact on workouts. This can allow the user to refrain from adding additional weights to the barbell. 

Now, there is a tool that can assist to make bar workouts comfortable. This will allow the user to lift much heavier but with almost no pain. These tools are called barbell pads. They are manufactured with high-density foam. 

They come in different sizes, materials, and styles. The foam forms as a cushion between the weight bar and the body. Hav Ze a look at our example of barbell pads. 

Our barbell pads have an inner foam pad that has a cover outside. No matter the look, they all provide relief to the shoulders, neck, hips, and back while training.  

This bar pad is one size fits all and it attaches with velcro securely to all Olympic weightlifting bars or standard bars. Perfect for doing weightlifting exercises in a gym, studio, or fitness center.

The barbell pads by Yanre Fitness offer more than just affordability. It helps by reducing pinching and pressure across the neck and shoulders that are experienced by some people when doing lunges or squats. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to use squat pad is designed for weight to be distributed evenly across shoulders
  • Barbell pad relieves neck or hip pressure, it allows the user to focus on their form
  • Constructed from premium-quality, thick, high-density foam rubber making it is durable 
  • Increase comfort and reduce the risk of injuries
  • Easily installed on all barbells 
  • A non-Slip finish will reduce the risk of slipping and increase grip on the shoulders                                                                                                                                            Recommended Reading: The Ultimate Barbell Buying Guide for Gym Owners


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