Lock Jaw Barbell Collars


Lock Jaw Barbell Collars


Lock Jaw Barbell Collars


  • Material: Nylon
  • Outer diameter: 9cm
  • Inner diameter: 50mm
  • Color: red, blue, yellow, black, gray
  • N.W.: 400g


Barbell lockjaw collars are a must to keep a weightlifting routine safe & stable. Yanre Fitness makes versatile lockjaw collars that surpass the regular spring clips in terms of security.

Putting them on & taking them off a barbell is a quick & easy process. The locking mechanism is a simple single-click design that can be engaged or disengaged with one finger in no time.

The powered snap-latch design of the lockjaw provides an extra-secure grip.

Our barbell lockjaw collars are the best choice for weightlifting, cross-training, all forms of strength training, & anything that makes use of Olympic barbells. The inner surface in contact with the barbell or weight plates has a smooth nylon construction.

It ensures a firm grip without any damage to the barbell or weight plates, even with continuous use.

Yanre Fitness’ lockjaw collars have nylon injection claws & a solid single-piece casing. This innovative design enables them to withstand the daily rigors of continuous use in a commercial gym for a long time.

Barbell lock collars are suitable for standard as well as Olympic lifting. They support any strength training exercises like deadlifts, presses, etc., with a 2-inch barbell.

A single pair of lockjaw collars easily outperforms regular spring clamps. The locking clamps ensure a firm & slip-resistant hold on the barbell. There are rubber pads on each side to increase friction & prevent any scratches on the barbell surface.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with 2-inch Olympic barbells.
  • Quick locking mechanism.
  • Solid nylon resin material construction.
  • Smooth nylon inner surface to protect barbells & weight plates.
  • Easy storage on any racks, rigs, etc.
  • Unique nylon lock-open lever with a snap flexure.

Benefits of Barbell Lock Collars:

  • Solid nylon resin construction with rubber pads on both sides to prevent sliding & slipping.
  • Extra secure lifting experience compared to regular spring clips.
  • Easy to engage & disengage with one hand that makes swapping plates easy. 
  • Ensure convenience with single-button safety lock, one-finger opening & closing, anti-dropping chuck, etc.
  • Perfect for strength training, weightlifting, Olympic lifting, & more.



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