Aerobic Step


Aerobic Step

Aerobic stepper improves the user’s strength and stability, particularly when completing a cardiovascular exercise. In addition, by including AST110PP into the user’s regimen, it may increase the intensity of their workout. As a result, it is ideal for gym activity courses or daily regular training routines. Through a range of planned positions, the platform additionally intensifies and diversifies the workout.


Aerobic Stepper


Yanre Fitness provides the best aerobic steppers that have multiple benefits. Users can easily assemble and disassemble them and they are also convenient to be operated. Their height can be adjusted as per desire. 

These steppers allow users to carry out many forms of workouts including heavy jumping. These steppers can support a weight of up to 150 kilograms and feature 48×16 inches that allows enough space for any kind of exercise. 

The presence of polyurethane makes it durable as it does not easily break and can hold heavy loads. These steppers work ideally to improve physical coordination and heart health. Athletes can choose between 2 settings of these steppers for better exercises including muscle shape, weight loss, and body toning. 

The best part is that the jumping exercises can be performed with these steppers easily in house or at a commercial gym. Many traditional exercises can be performed with these steppers including squats, tricep dips, and push-ups. The non-slip features keeps users safe during the workouts. These steppers are easy to set up and detach quickly. 

Key Features:

  • Enhanced durability with premium materials to support up to 150 kilograms of weight.
  • Handy and lightweight. It is quite portable and can be carried anywhere. Easy to assemble and store anywhere.  
  • Safe and secure exercises with a textured surface and slip-resistant and can absorb shock. 
  • The presence of four anti-skid feet on each of the risers prevents it from sliding or scratching the floors.  
  • Best for training, recovering from injuries. Users can take it anywhere with them including home and office, or with their friends to have a quick exercise anywhere. 
  • Best for heart exercises, losing weight, step-ups, aerobics, and interval training (HIIT). 
  • Ideal for plyo workouts like split squads, mountain climbing, push-ups, or resistance band exercises for a complete body workout. 
  • Users can easily break down this compact accessory to store it in smaller spaces such as cupboards or under bed before their upcoming exercise session. 


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