12-sided Rubber Plate


12-sided Rubber Plate


12-sided Rubber Plate


  • Premium rubber encased , minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the plates themselves.
  • Sleek black in colour with a rough textured exterior.
  • Equipped with convenient handles for various.


Instead of ordinary rubber coating, these 12 sided rubber plates by Yanre Fitness have a urethane surface. Our innovative rubber offers extended durability. Besides, it is also free from a strong rubbery smell. 

Our rubber plates are scuff-resistant. When dropped, these plates prevent damaging the floor and other gym equipment. With the 12-sided design and large T-grips, it is quite easy to load or unload these weight plates. In addition, the unique design prevents these plates from rolling around in the gym. 

Due to their slip-resistant surface, Yanre Fitness bumper weight plates offer a strong grip. The combination of body pump weights set and bar is suitable for high repetition workouts.

Therefore, gym members can use these plates for low-weight workout sessions like weightlifting, HIIT workout, and muscle strengthening. These plates are suitable for all types of gym members irrespective of their age or experience.

Hence, these 12-sided rubber plates by Yanre Fitness serve as an excellent addition to a commercial gym or similar facility. With these rubber plates, it is possible to target the major muscle groups through a variety of workouts.

The barbell comes with a thin padded layer, which enhances both the grip and comfort. The barbell weights bar is made of top-quality chrome steel. 

Furthermore, it also has a knurling handle for a secure grip. Our bumper plates consist of a cast iron core along with a durable rubber exterior.

Key Features:

  • These rubber plates feature a high-density and durable rubber coating. The core consists of solid cast iron. Hence, these plates show minimum bounce and are capable of withstanding repeated drops 
  • The 2″ diameter makes these plates an ideal option for dumbbell bar, Olympic barbell, or sled having a 2″ diameter
  • Labeled in both kgs and lbs for hassle-free identification
  • Durable chrome coated surface is resistant to peeling or chipping 
  • With their 5.1 cm center hole, these plates can easily accommodate 2-Inches standard bars
  • Wear resistance and eco-friendly rubber plates

Benefits of Using 12 Sided Rubber Plates:

  • These weight plates offer maximum adjustability when it comes to using different pairs of weights. This helps a lot when training different muscle groups
  • Gym members can also use these weight plates for warm-up workouts 
  • Constructed with high-strength cast iron through precision casting, giving required sturdiness to these plates
  • Suitable for muscle conditioning, strength building, rehabilitation, and core/balance training


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