Weight Plates( CPU )


Weight Plates( CPU )

These weight plates are constructed with a 12-sided shape which prevents rolling into the floor when not in use. WPC003 also features two unique patented opposed handles/holes for easy loading, pickup, and storage. It is designed ergonomically for easy and comfortable carrying. WPC003 is available in a variety of weights to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels and needs.


Weight Plates


These weight plates are constructed with a cast elastomer of polyurethane. It is made via a reaction of polyisocyanates, oligomeric polyols, and chain extenders. The term ‘pouring’ indicates the manufactured article prior to the molding of the liquid, the pouring, the reaction processing, and the system of the material is without any fluid. 

This Weight Plate with CPU is temperature resistant, sturdily built, better fracture-resistant, and the user will not experience any breakage as is the case with other plates. CPU is damage-resistant (elastomer being the best). 

Polyurethane elastomer (also called CPU and thermosetting elastomer) is poured over a liquid at a comfortable indoor temperature and treated into the solidified state. It is used for pouring treatment, and the final goods hold a lot of strength and damage resistance. 

The thermosetting elastomer is better at compressing than flexing. It goes well for slimmer bumpers as they will not bounce or loosen up much when the user drops them. It indicates that, unlike the rubber bumper, CPU bumpers do not require huge bushings around the center, and are easily molded over minor cores. 

It also has the stability and flexibility to mold. It has good clarity in lower grades too, hence, it is available in various colors and textures.

Key Features:

  • Very sturdy and damage-resistant because of solid steel plates enclosed in resilient polyurethane free from odor and ripping.
  • These bumpers are not affected by abrasion, shocks, spalling, or scratches and look fresh after being severely used.
  • Apart from a great appearance, their “Diamond Cut” form does not let the plates slip away while in use. Such a design aids the users to hold the plates firmly and perform weightlifting.
  • The center ring is made of stainless steel that lends durability to the surface falling between the bar and the plate. The central ring’s smart make helps loading and unloading of the bumper plates seamless.
  • Two handles are easy to grip for each plate and make them comfortable to hold.
  • The users can load or unload the weight plates easily on the machines, bars, and store them comfortably. The users can also carry them to various places during training.
  • It is safe for the users to hold the plates with easy-grip handles that are very stable. 


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