Wall Ball


Wall Ball


Wall Ball


  • Triple stitched Kevlar material offers a textured surface that gives you maximum grip even with sweaty hands.
  • Well balanced- no wobble.
  • Precision-balanced to maintain consistent 35cm diameter and shape over time.
  • Throw against wall or straight up to work out your core and develop endurance.
  • Use for pull overs, wall balls, push-ups, partner throws, weighted squats.


Yanre Strength manufacturers high-quality, durable wall balls that can bear the impact of your toughest exercises. They are manufactured using ballistic material which is also used to make bullet-proof gear. Because of its high tensile strength, this material is also used to increase the strength of tire walls. Therefore, it is certain that a wall ball will maintain its shape even after continuous rigorous use. 

They have little to almost no bouncing after you throw or drop them. They are textured but give a soft and comfortable feel. The texture gives you a strong grip and reduces slipping which is a common issue due to sweating while exercising. 

Wall balls are a great gym accessory for a full-body workout. This is because it activates all muscles when the user throws it and quickly tries to catch it. You will get cardio benefits by using lightweight balls, whereas, heavy walls would help you in cardio and strength both. 

You will notice the results of including wall balls in your exercise routine within a few days. They work on strengthening your grip, core, upper body, legs, and almost every part of your body. They are also used for stress-relieving exercises. 

Wall balls are used for various exercises such as weighted Russian twists, overhead throws, and multiple plyometric movements. They are used for cardio, weight training, functional training, and conditioning. It improves users’ endurance, speed, and response time. 

Key Features:

  • High impact absorbance and anti-burst technology
  • Manufactured using kevlar material
  • Textured and anti-slip surface for efficient grip
  • Best for core, strength, and fitness exercises
  • Triple stitching for maximum durability

Benefits of Wall Balls 

  • Increases strength

They are designed to strengthen the back, shoulders, abs, legs, arms, and core that gives the user endurance and stability. 

  • Low bounce

The nature and weight of the filling used in these wall balls result in little to no bounce. It gives the user complete control during exercise. 

  • Textured finish

Manufactured using premium quality ballistic material that provides efficient grip and durability. It also allows the user to grip the ball easily and comfortably. 

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