Wall Ball


Wall Ball


Wall Ball


  • The wall ball goes the extra mile with reinforced, double-stitched nylon threading built.
  • Well balanced- no wobble.
  • Precision-balanced to maintain consistent 35cm diameter and shape over time.
  • Throw against wall or straight up to work out your core and develop endurance.
  • Use for pull overs, wall balls, push-ups, partner throws, weighted squats.


One of the best gym accessories for a complete body workout is a wall ball. On the contrary to the slam ball that is used by dropping it, the wall ball is used by throwing it against the wall. This type of usability ensures full-body muscle activation. 

The abdominal and upper body muscles are activated when the ball is thrown against the wall. Whereas, when the user tries to catch the ball by moving and squatting, it activates the leg muscles. 

Yanre Strength offers a durable wall ball having strong seams due to hand stitching. The triple layer commercial quality shell is excellently balanced and gives maximum durability. It has a comfortable feel and it does not slip due to sweat whiling usage. Its impact absorbance and anti-burst technology give an excellent and consistent wall ball experience to its users. 

A wall ball is widely preferred in commercial gyms due to its versatility. It provides strength, speed, conditioning, power, balance, coordination, core training, and rehabilitation. It is used by all levels of athletes and trainers. Its durable construction, filling, and weighting maintain the shape of the ball even after continuous rigorous use. 

Yanre Strength’s wall ball can be used to perform routine workouts without requiring any special and heavy gym equipment. Its non-slip texture gives you a controlled and balanced workout experience. 

The best features of Yanre Strength wall balls are as follows:

  • Trip layer covering to ensure maximum durability even after continuous use
  • Maintains balance even after continuous pounding against the wall 
  • High-quality hand stitching for maximum strength 

Benefits of wall ball

  • Excellent for strength and cardio 

Wall balls improve your core, speed, functionality, strength, and every other training aspect. You can perform rigorous cardiovascular exercises and full-body training using this excellent gym accessory. 

  • Provides you high-intensity, effective, and safe workouts 

Wall balls are comfortable and secure for all types of high-speed training without the chances of concussion. 


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