Urethane Weight Plates (CPU)


Urethane Weight Plates (CPU)

Urethane Weight Plates are constructed from a durable polyurethane elastomer that may be used in a variety of training environments. Urethane is more durable than a rubber plate since it is non-toxic and non-rotting. WPC001 is intended to last for many years in regulated training conditions, that’s why it is one of the best quality products available on the market right now.


Urethane Weight Plates (CPU)


We construct urethane weight plates with industrial-grade cast iron and impact-resistant polyurethane. Besides, there is a 3-hole grip design that is not only ergonomic but functions at full potential.

You can load or unload these plates without any hassle. These weight plates are superior to iron and rubber-coated options in terms of quality and performance. 

Urethane weight plates tend to be the first choice for commercial gym owners. These plates have a unique advantage over any other type of weight plate. 

Urethane-coated weight plates, barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells, are popular products. Most of the dues-paying facilities and commercial gym owners prefer buying urethane-coated equipment. 

This is so, as urethane coating makes such equipment durable and long-lasting. On the contrary, painted plates face chipping issues even after a couple of uses. 

Besides, rubber-coated plates also start to crack. Only urethane is capable of maintaining its strength and durability. Hence, urethane-coated weight plates can stay in amazing shape for years.

In addition, urethane also allows making laser-cut logos for better promotion of a brand. No doubt, urethane-coated equipment ensures a better return on investment for the gym and club owners. 

On the other hand, high-quality urethane is safe and user-friendly. 

Key Features:

  • Weight plates coated with premium quality urethane. This feature offers extended durability and quality. 
  • These bumper plates are thinner than those made with rubber coating. 
  • The thin size and outstanding quality make it possible for the users to load more weight on the barbell. It helps them to gain more strength and build muscle.
  • Created with superior quality polyurethane. This material doesn’t crack or peel off. This helps to maintain the aesthetics of these plates for years to come.  
  • Maximum hardness lowers the bounce. Hence, your barbell will stay within your training area.
  • Solid steel construction and hard chrome finish ensure hassle-free loading. Besides, these plates need zero maintenance. 
  • The huge weight markings are laser cut. This feature allows easy identification.
  • Ergonomically designed 3-hole grip, which makes it easy to load or unload the plates.
  • Comes in an elegant matte black finish.


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