Trigrip Rubber Plates (Black)


Trigrip Rubber Plates (Black)


Trigrip Rubber Plates


  • High quality Rubber encased , minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the plates themselves.
  • Sleek black in colour with a rough-textured exterior.
  • Equipped with convenient handles for various exercises.


Yanre Fitness’ high-quality trip grip plates that are made of rubber are the best choices for any gym at a low cost. These trip grip plates are related to many kinds of gym accessories like a Functional Training box and are essential parts of the home and commercial gyms, etc. 

They have quite a minimal bounce effect. That’s why they are beneficial for the users and other gym members. These plates are quite compact in comparison to a crumb bumper made out of recycled rubber. This allows users to add more weight plates that would take low space on the bars to perform heavier weightlifting exercises in a prime mover and deadlift. 

The weight numbers are mentioned on the plates so that the users can easily identify from a certain distance. They are purely compatible with weight bars too. 

Yanre has become an industry leader in providing high-quality rubber bumpers that are ultra-durable. If you have an Olympic bar at your gym, these plates are the best choices for you. Their long life and durability will certainly be of great use in exercise equipment. 

The weights are made of cast iron with tri grip handles that make them easily portable and movable. The inside ring of the plates is made of steel so that the exercises can be performed on the bar sleeves. 

The weights of the barbells are slip-resistant and smell-free, along with a coating of rubber that is beneficial for protecting the floor from being scratched and damaged. These are equally beneficial for home and commercial gyms. Moreover, you can also give these plates to someone who has an Olympic Barbell Bar. 

Key Features:

  • They are long-lasting, free of bad smell, and coated with rubber to protect the floor. 
  • They are ideal for Olympic barbells having a diameter of 2″. 
  • Three grips of these plates make them ideal for a firm and safe grip. 
  • High-quality cast iron is used in manufacturing them with the hub made of stainless steel. 
  • Especially meant for general conditioning and body Fitness exercises. 
  • You can find weights in kgs and lbs on every plate. 

Benefits of Trigrip Rubber Plates

  • The rubber coating on these plates provides enhanced protection. They don’t make noise when dropped on the floor. 
  • They are comfortable and safe to use. 
  • They have little bounce effect when dropped because of being manufactured with high quality cast iron.
  • Ideal for Functional Training exercises, HIIT training, and Olympic weight bars. 


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