Speed jump rope


Speed jump rope

The metal-textured handles of our speed jump rope are easy to hold and the lightweight design of it makes it simpler to handle even during intense workouts. In addition, JR2204 is composed of coated steel wire, which is highly robust and will relieve a lot of discomfort from your skin.


Speed Jump Rope


If you want the overall best quality speed ropes, you are at the right place. Yanre Fitness offers the best-performing and carefully engineered speed jump ropes with bearings available in the market. Our speed jump ropes are highly durable and their special slim design allows the users to have an ideal rotation with smooth jumping. Every handle of these ropes is developed with CNC aluminum. 

The bearing technology ensures better flexibility and makes these ropes more durable and stable. These ropes allow you to rotate on 360° by swinging the ropes. These ropes are ideal to increase your speed while avoiding twists. Our ropes are ideal for any height. 

Skipping these speed ropes can help you strengthen your wrists, legs, and other body parts at the same time along with processing your calories intake. These ropes are also ideal for cross-training, boxing-related training including MMA training. 

These jumping ropes have a PU coating that makes them more durable and makes the jumping process more convenient. You don’t need to worry about being tangled or twisted with these ropes. 

These ropes make tough exercises like losing weight a fun thing to do. Jumping ropes are even more effective than hardcore exercises including biking, swimming, and running. It optimizes your digestive system, improves heart health, and strengthens your muscles while improving your body coordination. 

The presence of ball bearings in these ropes provides perfectly smooth jumping experiences. It helps you lose weight, boosts stamina, and improves agility. They are an ideal choice for physical fitness and training like boxing, Functional Training, and martial arts, etc. 

Key Features:

  • Best for speed jumping and lightweight. 
  • Coated with PU cable for durability and made with CNC aluminum. 
  • Improves fitness and body wellness. 
  • Ideal for smooth body rotation per second. 
  • Not to be used on an abrasive floor. 
  • Resists twists and kinks with a special wire that improves speed, endurance, flexibility. 
  • Ideal for improving cardiovascular health. 
  • Perfect for losing weight fast and toning the body into an ideal shape. 


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