Speed Jump Rope


Speed Jump Rope

This speed jump rope is composed of thickened steel wire with great elasticity, making it robust and sturdy and resistant to cracking or breaking. Skipping effectively using JR1603 will help to train wrists, leg strength, and drive other body parts. It is also good for improving speed and avoiding twisting or wind.


Speed Jump Rope


Are you looking for speed jump ropes for your fitness center? Yanre Fitness offers premium quality speed jump rope designed for standard jump roping to double-under and crossovers. This jump rope is also convenient for Cross Training/HIIT-style workouts. The adjustable feature of the jump rope makes it a good fit for your commercial fitness center.   

Yanre Fitness’ speed jump rope has great versatility in use and is especially helpful for exercisers who want to develop their day-to-day performance. You can become a superior athlete by improving the five key elements of athleticism i.e. speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness. 

This easy swing rope can be one of your preliminary components that can improve your game-day performance. The speed jump rope features a completely tangle-free cord with CNC aluminum handles. Enjoy your jump roping workout with this easy swiveling speed rope and enrich your fitness and strength.    

Whether you are a beginner or pro, our product is suitable for all types of fitness training. You can perform cross fitness training, MMA training, or even boxing training with this commercial-grade speed jump rope. 

This fast-turning rope is an effective way to burn your calories faster and improve your heartbeat rate quickly. It helps to improve bone density also. It’s an efficient tool for high-intensity interval training workouts.   

Key Features:

  • User-friendly design and made with premium quality raw materials
  • Easily adjustable for superior comfort cord length and resistance to curl 
  • Non-slip CNC aluminum ergonomic handles provide a firm and secure grip
  • Can deliver 360° smooth and  twist-free swiveling at a great pace 
  • Long PVC coated cables to empower smooth, twist-free, and stable rotations
  • The PVC coated cable features high durability, scuff resistance, and flexibility

Benefits of using Speed Jump Rope:

  • Speed jump rope for building cardio muscles and suitable for any fitness training.
  • Provides easy and efficient skipping that helps to lose weight by burning calories, increase stamina, and strengthen your body. 
  • The well-designed ergonomic handles provide firm grip and convenience while working out.


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